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I'm in no way looking to become a professional writer - it's just something I like doing in my spare time. I signed up here because it always feels great to get recognition for a hard-worked on story (i.e. Please R&R! - much appreciated).

To friends I have on this site, or have made thanks to this site: Kez (where do I start? You've been one of my best mates in rl for almost ever, taché! Thankyou for putting up with anime crap from me!, daBOSS (How's Mike? How's the weather - MWA HA HA. Seriously, thankYOU for being such an awesome AIM pal!), Sarah (cause you know it's gonna be okay, if you keep on rambling! Onwards, taifuji!), Erina-chan (I dub thee the British expletive Queen! I soooo wanna write like you...), Llyxius (cruel and unusual ;)), Beauty Julianne (I sware, I would never be able to keep up with the Jap pocket-monsters names if it wasn't for you - thankyou so much for the fic!)