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My name is ciara(that's pronounced kee-ra. People always say my name wrong.Piss me off...)and I live in Canada, EH?I enjoy the fine things in life, such as drugs alcohol and music..I'm Irish/Italian, which of course means food, butter, alcohol, and funness.I like writing poetry mostly, some is about my views on society, some on failed love or on death...Yet for some reason I don't post them...Hmm. I'll get to that. I like Sum 41, Our lady peace, Third eye blind,AFI(The best of the best of the best, SIR!)Nirvana,Sex Pistols, Anti-flag(ish.I like what I hear) Marilyn Manson, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, Mindless self Indulgence.Stabbing westward,Exploited,Oasis..wellm their new stuff is crap really...Radiohead,and some other ones I can't remember, but if you wanted to know and asked im sure I could tell you.
Here's a less confusing and boring profile for you:

Name:Ciara (Irish...meaning black,dark,or fitting)


Height:5'3 and a half.Yeah bitch, a whole half.

weight:Any guess would be innacurate and embarassing.

Hair,skin,& eyes:Purple-y black hair with reddy-purpley streaks down to my chin with bangs to my eyes...Dark brown eyes,and pale skin.I resemble very much a corpse.Its upsetting.
Fave bands/singers:AFI!!!!!!!!!!!Sex pistols the cure Marilyn Manson OLP Blank theory Nirvana seeking dawn (local band) and waaay more that were mentioned previously.

Fave movies:FOTR and TTT, and I imagine ROTK sooner or later.The secret garden(what?),Princess Mononoke(I'm not a big anime fan, but it was good)Spider-man, Office SPace,The cider house rules, wonder boys, Ride with the Devil,Sleepy hollow, Everything monty python,Carrie,Ace Ventura Pet detective & WHen nature calls,Donnie Darko,Nightmare Before Christmas, Pumpkin, Ginger snaps,May...And more.

Fave T.V shows:I don' TV, really. The simpsons are funny...I like to watch muchmusic when I'm at my nonna's house cause we dont have cable...

Favourite books:Too bloody many.

favourite authors:See above answer..

Hates:Preppies,wiggers,posers,rap,Pop,people in general, puppies, cabbage...Myself...
Style- Dark, blue or purple if youre lucky.Many chains and illegal spiked things,Funky eyeliner and stuff...Dont need foundation and all that crap I'm pale enough as it is.I guess if I had to label myself I'm a goth...Yeah.I'm a goth.
Favourite Sayings- "The toasties!They're so good!...Holy shit I just choked on a toastie!" "It's the stairs from rocky man" "don't question my lyrics" and so on and so forth.
Now, I shall go back to wallowing in the deep pits of black,insanity infested water that are my mind, but I will leave you with a few random thoughts over which to ponder:

-Life sucks.Period.

- I need reviews, really. The lack of reviews for my stories is shameful...

-Listen to mindless self it.

- War Bad.Senseless violence in the pit...Good!

- MSN is [email protected]
Good bye.

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