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Myeh, my bio was getting a bit old, seems as if I haven't updated it in a looooong time.

I'm 19 and in my second (almost third... THIRD god I'm old) year of university... that's a sophmore at college to all you yanks. I'm doing an arts degree majoring in international politics and french and a law degree at Victoria University, which is obviously in New Zealand, a small country in the South Pacific for those of you who haven't watched Lord of the Rings, not in Ohio as many Americans seem to think. It is not to be confused with Australia, mind you and if I hear anyone calling me an Aussie because isn't New Zealand a state of Australia?, I will sue you for defammation.

New Zealand spells like the English (or British ugh) do e.g. properly. So if you flame me for putting words like "colour", "favourite", "realise" and "humour" into my writing, I pity you for not being able to spell properly and will probably refer you to the 12th edition of the OED (Oxford English Dictionary).

OK!! Now we've got that out of the way... on to the good stuff.

Name: Aimee

Home: Wellington, NZ.


Movie: Tough choice... I love English films because their humour just can't be beaten. I don't care how many slapstick American films you shove in my face, the subtleties of English films and the witty lines and the farcical situations, well they're just laugh til your sides hurt funny. I'm telling you, watch Calendar Girls or Keeping Mum or Fawlty Towers, listen really hard and you'll see what I mean. But back to films.

My top five...

LOTR Return of the King

A Very Long Engagement

The Little Mermaid

The Notebook

Bridget Jones' Diary

Music: I'll listen to anything so long as it ain't hiphop. Sorry to all you hiphop fans, but it's sooooo boring and samey and I can't see how yelling obscenities to a three note back track or killing a song with a million and one grace notes and screeching actually qualifies as good music. Ok, if there was musical complexity there... but there's kinda not. I don't get why everyone is so into it. It's unoriginal, it's all been done before, even pop is more interesting and less plaguerised, let's move on. I'm really big on jazz, classical (but more like the romantic period, the classical period is sooooooo boring) and anything with a cool guitar rift which is why I like Ella Fitzgerald, the new look Christina Aguleria, Panic! At the disco, the GooGoo Dolls, John Mayer, Michelle Branch John Butler Trio, the Kooks, the Killers, and various other awesome New Zealand bands like the Veils, Stellar, Evermore, OdESSA, Fat Freddy's Drop, and Bic Runga.

Coffee: moccachino, or that mondamo from Mojos which is pretty much melted chocolate. I'm a bit of a coffee fanatic actually, probably because Wellington has almost as many cafes per head of capita as New York. Unlike most New Yorkers though, I will not touch Starbucks with a ten foot barge pole because, let's face it, there are better coffee places out there.

Food: Thai, Japanese or Indian

Dessert: Anything that's French or which has lots of cream and chocolate.

Books: anything by Philippa Gregory. Harry Potter is pretty cool and so it LOTR. I could be terribly intellectual and say I enjoy reading Francis Fukuyama's articles on liberal democracy but that would be a blatant lie.

Quotes: 'The problem with the leisure is what to do for pleasure?', 'the only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage', 'I don't shop too much I'm just easily suceptible to marketing ploys', 'Men are like parking spaces, all the best ones are taken, and all the ones that aren't are too far away or disabled'. 'Error is human, but to really screw things up requires a computer'

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