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Charter Member of PHF Anonymous and darned proud of it! I used to be a closet Pervy Hobbit Fancier, but the closet got too full... I'm also a shield maiden in the service of Eowyn, Maid of Rohan. My horse of choice is a Tennessee Walker (TWH - For The Ride Of Your Life). I fancy myself as a decent whip though I've never driven in competition. I once got to drive a two horse sled and talk about your horse power! Whoever came up with the combustion engine horse power rating never drove a two-in-hand!!!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, The Heart of the Forest Marin Renaissance Faire will open the last weekend in September. Come on over! Sit a spell. Eat a turkey leg and visit The Green Man Inn... http:///

And plan for a visit to the Great Dickens Christmas Fair starting the last weekend in November at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. http:///

I'm a romantic trapped in an Engineer's body. My brain constantly battles with itself over which half should rule, hence my odd writing style and even stranger ideas.

I attempt to build historically accurate Antebellum costumes for horse show clients, Victorian clothing for actors to wear, and Elizabethan outfits for the heck of it.

I live in the land of Glitter and Sleeze, Neon and Nightclubs, where we blow up our buildings whenever someone says, "Hey, it's time to redecorate" - Viva Las Vegas!!!