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Do you like to write fanfiction? Do you like challenges? Do you want to give a fellow fanfic writer/webmistress a helping hand because you're just a kind, caring, and wonderful person? If you said yes to any of these questions, then please come to my website! I'm running a project entitled Ronin Adventure that works like a contest/round-robin. One person begins a story- another person continues it, and then another person continues it, and so on sort of like that. The catch is that several people will send in the same chapter (i.e. how they think chapter five should go after reading chapter four) and, based on creativity, the best out of the lot is chosen. However, I have had very minimal response to the project and I'm hoping that maybe some of you guys out there would be willing to submit. I'm DESPERATE for submissions! The project can be found at: http:///tv/cyesage/library/Adventures/index.html. Thank you to all who enter!

Hi! I'm Dixxy Mouri. I'm a fan of multiple shows/games/Anime titles/ect. and I love getting in-depth reviews, especially by repeat reviewers. I run a Ronin Warriors site (see link in the profile) that includes the ONLY Ronin Warriors Dance on the net and some Fanart. Currently I write for Ronin Warriors, Chrono Cross, and Lunar: SSSC (er. . . sort of). I MIGHT write for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Lunar: Eternal Blue, and Magic Knight Rayearth (lots of Ferio/Fuu if that’s ever the case). I DO NOT LIKE Dragon Ball Z, Hamtaro, and all CartoonCartoons except the Powerpuff Girls and Mojo Jojo, because the evil monkey is cool. My favorite characters are Cye from Ronin Warriors, Glenn from Chrono Cross, Ferio from Magic Knight Rayearth, and Nash from Lunar: Silver Star Story COMPLETE. I like plots that involve kidnappings, private investigators, body switching, and really angst-ridden situations. My favorite pairings include Glenn/Leena (“Gleena” for short- I'm also one of the biggest Gleena fans you'll ever find) of Chrono Cross, Rowen/Kayura of Ronin Warriors, and I’m a real sucker for a good Ferio/Fuu fic. I can’t STAND screenplay format and plain stupidity (you know, the “randomness” fics that have no plot whatsoever?). Some of my more successful works include End of Innocence (RW), Memories (CC), and the Ronin Senshi series (a series of RW fics). Currently I’m finding myself doing some angst pieces, though I do some silly things as well. More often than not the victims of my torture- er, the main characters of my stories are Cye and Kento from Ronin Warriors or Glenn from Chrono Cross.

My Top Twenty “Fans” (i.e. people who have giving me a lot of encouragement and praise {and bribes})
1. Winter Peacecraft-Yuy (no contest)
2. Musou Misora (asked to be put here)
3. Harry (he reviews a lot)
4. Marlene Kimaru (claims to have read everything)
5. Uftaki (was just about the only person who reviewed one of my stories for a while)
6. Lena Ban Obsidian (left a review so big it got cut off)
7. Osaku (because he seems really determined to make this list)
8. Kar-chan (reviews a lot)
9. Yin-Yang (also reviews a lot)
10. ~Soulblighter2 (plugged me in his fic, once, and he wrote THE PORRE AFFAIR!)~
11. Miso14 (he reviews my CC stuff a lot)
12. IluvRikku12 (asked to be put here)

The story "The Porre Affair" was not written by me- it was started by Soublighter-2, who passed away before finishing it. His three short stories- Doubts, A Study in Black and White, and His Last Letter are also on this account. Myself and Alba Aulbath are completing it in his memory. May you rest in peace, Soulblighter-2.