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Hi all!! ^_^ Name's Lai Lai! I love Fushigi Yuugi, and the cute li'l Lai Lai, so I decided I'd name myself after her!! I have no clue what I'm gonna write, so when I write something I'll tell ya what other stuff I'll write about aswell!! Does that make sense??? * I think I've confused myself. . . I most definately am gonna write about Fushigi Yuugi, though!!! Jaaaaa~ for now!! I gotta go think stuffs up!! ~~Lai Lai ^-^
Yay!! I thought stuffs up!! ^-^ Sorry I haven't updated, for those who are checking back, I was sick and I also couldn't think of anything. I still can't !_! Gomen!!! I'll get chapter 4 up as soon as I can, promise!! Ja! ~Lai Lai~ ^-^
I've decided that I'm gonna write a Yu-Gi-Oh fic sometime!! But first, I know I've got over 2x the amount of reviews I wanted and I'll try to get the next chapter up soon, possibly next weekend. Gomen!! And to those of you that like Yu-Gi-Oh, I suggest reading the story on my fave. stories, if you can that is. JA! ~Lai Lai~ ^-^
Okay, people. I won't be updating for a while because I have writers block for that. As soon as I think of something to finish chapter 4. Anyway, I'd like you to know that I don't take to kindly to flames, and for one of the reviewers, I know some Japanese and 'Arigato' is exactly what I wanted to use. It means 'thanks' or 'thank you' whichever the writer wants to use. Also, 'Nani' means 'What?' Got that?? Good! Sorry for this little. . .writers flame thing. This is proof I don't like people thinking I don't know what the words I use mean. I promise I'll have the chapter up sometime soon. . . I hope. At least expect it in two weeks. Ja!! ~Lai Lai~ ^-^
Sorry peeps, I know you all loved Cards of Deception, hell I had 96 reviews!!, but I've taken it off and won't be puting it up again for a while. When I start writing it again I'll post it. Ja~! ~Lai Lai~