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Thou art the inmost province of the fading isle, Where linger yet the Lonely Companies; Still, undespairing, here they slowly file Along thy paths with solemn harmonies: The holy people of an elder day, Immortal Elves, that singing fair and fey Of vanished things that were, and could be yet, Pass like a wind among the rustling trees, A wave of bowing grass, and men forget Their voices calling from a time we do not know, Their gleaming hair like sunlight long ago. -from "Kortirion among the Trees", Tolkien O lamath edhellen: I tried. Really. I tried to bite my tongue, or at least to just slip in a review here and there speaking my piece. But I can't take it anymore. So here is a WARNING to anyone who is planning to include "Elvish" in a story: be sure, be ABSOLUTELY sure that it is TOLKIEN'S Elvish (meaning either Quenya or Sindarin. If you don't recognise those words, don't you dare post that story!). Why do I make such a point of this, you ask? There is a gaming group (a GAMING GROUP) called the Grey Company that decided that what Tolkien invented was not good enough for them, and to take it upon themselves to improve what he had created. The result: a bastardised version of the Professor's beautiful languages that has been taking BY STORM. A quick test: does the language you're using include "amin" for "I"? If yes, you have the gaming group. Take your hands off the keyboard and step away from the computer. Still in doubt? Email me. Honestly. I am ready and willing to help you - I am going to tear my eyes out if I keep seeing this fake language. (Phew) End of rant. You can come out of hiding now. Fela bið on Westwegum werum uncúðra wundra and wihta, wlitescýne lond, eardgeard Ylfa and Ésa bliss.