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i am changing my bio because...i realized that my old bio sounded *really*...strange.
[shows i watch]
crossing jordan
enterprise [out of loyalty to the franchise]
john doe
law&order: svu [sometimes]

[shows i used to watch/still do even though they are cancelled]
the x-files
star trek: voyager [and random reruns of the old]
dark angel
seven days
level nine
something else so unknown i forgot it...dunno.

generally only write on shows i really really like...which you can see by the fics i have up...fics which all have problems: [clairvoyance: just stupid. kathryn's man: janeway's outta character in first part cuz i felt like it. other fics: little stuff, but still problematic. anyway...yes, and there are some fics so bad i have yet to publish them...some fics i need to write down. like the sequel to cuffs which will come soon, aka when i have time...which may be not so soon. but eventually. i promise. and i have written some stuff surrounding complication which i have to edit/add to, type, and then upload. so...some things are in the works. and i might even publish an er fic while i'm branching out into other fandoms (most recently alias and crossing the way...will someone please write some more cj fics?? please?) besides branching out...i will stick to writing for my favorite series(pl.) ...meaning the x-files. voyager is pretty much a thing of the past *sob, although i may visit it from time to time if i'm not to busy mourning the x-files, or watching something else that is actually *on tv*...and i'll prolly stick with the x-files because i miss it so much and i love the characters...and i'm sad because my favorite character (reyes) had very little time on the show...and OKAY. i realize i am rambling. again. so...i leave you.
one more thing: there is a star at the end of my name. just to remind you. it's there on purpose.