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5/4-03 a TON of new pics up in my gallery, in all of the albums! ^_^ wheeeee
4/26-03 a whole new album up in my gallery! called the anger management album... cause those are the kinds of things i draw when i'm angry... ^ ^;;;;
4/21/03- chapter 10 is up, as well as a character guide!!!! (seperate from the story though, check it out ^ ^) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALEX!!!!
important: dont forget to read the warning at the top of chapter 10!!!! dont say i didnt warn you.

If you’re confused about the character narration, as I know some of your are @_@, make sure to read the top of the chapter where is says “Chapter #” and then the name of the person narrating.

Aight now…. Time to make my bio hella long… you ready? Here we go….

Name: mel. just mel.
Year born: 1988 (GO DRAGONS!!! YEAH)
Located: washington state
Element(s) : water and fire
Favorite animals (way too many to count so I’ll list 2): dolphins and tigers
I heart: my friends, ice cream, coffee (STARBUCKS), chocolate, sugary foods in general, Italian food, asian food, junk food, tennis, basketball, astrology, Eminem, Blink182, sarcasm, lighters, sea shells, tropics, warm weather, the beach, the ocean, pounding rain, snow, writing, drawing, painting, anime, manga, animals, oceanography, summer time, long weekends, the colors blue, black, green and silver, photography, feathers, MTV and MTV2, creativity, originality, sunsets, sun rises, the moon and stars, open minded people, friendly debates, and just having fun. ^_^
I hate: ignorant and arrogant people, governments, narrow-mindedness, cruelty, prejudice, hypocrites, pollution, wars, biased judgments, stereotypes, people who see everything as either black or white, homework, math (i LOATH math), feeling helpless, insomnia, broken dreams, pain, Ebola, cancer, HIV and all that, human nature and the world in general… because humans are just so tainted, and have tainted the world.

A little bit about my personality: I'm just your average high school freshman, pyro, insomniac, I love to draw, I play the piano but I never practice so call me lazy, procrastinator, debater, and a lil schizophrenic.

the used, unwritten law, blink182 (i will always, ALWAYS, love this band), the all american rejects, good charlotte (even tho they're posers, i like some of their music), linkin park, sum41, simple plan (couple of cute songs here and there), EMINEM!! (i have lots of respect for this guy, even tho u may not), disturbed, new found glory, system of a down, tool, a.f.i., trapt, smile empty soul,
and more that i'm blanking out on right now...

Pass The Kaleidoscope : Tairo, Roshoko, Dyonie, Keno and Bayrie are drifters. Teens trained since childhood to fight for money, they become a target for a group of high school kids to help take out their very own principal. Yet there's more to their deal than the school kids bother to mention.
WARNINGS: profanity, Catholicism bashing in the first two chapters, drug use and violence. Different POVS in different chapters which can get slightly confusing if you don’t pay attention.
I said this before and I'll say it again: If you’re confused about the character narration, make sure to read the top of the chapter where is says “Chapter #” and then the name of the person narrating.
Humor/supernatural fic.(also under action/adventure and romance)

Links :
go here to see pics of my characters and other pics i've drawn (character pics labled under "drifters"-http:///user/tigersarenaline
hate plagerism? go here-
go here to take a quiz and see which drifter you'd most likely get along with!

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