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#Truth is I love you, its just twisted, a tune you didn't know existed#
- Brit chick who writes because of three great loves in life: Writing/Literature, TV, and wallowing my characters in excrutiatingly wonderful angst.

January '02 : Home truths completed!
(and that missing disk has been found so...look out for updates of 'shadows within' [discworld] and 'i can see through you' [CSI] (no, I'm not oblivious to all your cries of "you abandoned us for *months*!")

EVERYTHING WITH 'TBC' at the end *is* gonna be continued : nothing has been abandoned.

After these have been completed it'll be either 'Hold her closer' [W/T BtVS] or the 'someone to want me' sequel [Spuffy, BtVS]either consecutively or concurrently depending time constraints. *

More :
- BTVS: "Someone to want me" IS COMPLTETED.
Wow, this all grew out of a nagging dissapointment at the lack of follow-up re: the effect of Riley's betrayal (and more importantly, Spike's revealing of it) after "into the woods". Love you guys for your reviews!
And I'm *so* planning a sequel - we can't leave them living in angst like that! the sequel will probably still be based as much in season 5 canon as this one was (read into that what you will). But I tell you now : it'll deal with the Angel element to an extent (I recognise that the people who find it hardest to accept Spuffy are the ardent B/A fans who can't comprehend what Buffy could see in Spike when she could have Angel. Well - i'll deal with that. But no more spoilers! You'll have to wait.

-I also have a WILLOW/TARA fic on the horizon (cuz they *are* the cutest) titled "Hold Her closer when she cries".Only prob is I'll be struggling to fit that in before season 7 arrives here in the UK and belies it all. Oh well. It'll have to be AU.

-DISCWORLD: "the shadows within". You Discworld guys have been v.V.V.*V* patient with this ...trust me, the mystery of Carrot's attack, an appearance by Vimes' old flame, and of course more glorious Vimes/Angua shippiness is still to come.
Honestly , this too will be concluded shortly ; i actually have the ending written and everything! Just have to fill in the chapters in the middle!
- CSI: "I can see through you." The one fic I've written that could vaguely be accused of hanging around the fluffy side of fandom. Will get a tad more angsty with a complication ont he horizon though folks...again, although this wasn't left at a major cliffhanger or anything, i realise its mighty annoying for me not to have updated for, well, months now. So that too is going to be gotten back to ...

[oh, and a big thankyou to all of you either e-mailing me or archiving fics-with my permission I might add . If you've asked, and i haven't got back to you (highly possible with my current sate of confusion) the answer was yes. I just must be informed of where they're going. :-D. Love you people!]

(whose been busy ...again...with exams, but also this whole Uni application business. But I've got offers from some damn good places, so, yay. Now I should just really be working to get the grades...dammit. I *would* say I'll watch less Tv in order to get in more fic,but, you know ROTFL to that...

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