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I'm finally back. I gave up a few of my curent fics (Angelic Treason is one, Shattered is the other... am I forgetting one?) so I can work on only one fanfiction. It's called Walz of Facade and it's eating all my brain cells! I believe it's great, tho i'm a bit lost on it. Still, my head is flowing with ideas for it, it's just that i can't keep them together. Anyway, make sure to read it if you're a Rurouni Kenshin fan! There'll be lots of action, drama and much more! ^-^ Keep an eye on it!

Name: Evil Karyta
Real name: As if I'm going to tell you!
Age: 18
Birthday date: November 7th
Country: Québec, Canada
City: Rock Forest (affectionly called Rock-fess(ass))
Fav mouvie: Interview With a Vampire and Lord of the Rings
Fav scene from an anime: That would be the fight between Setsuna and Rociel in Angel Sanctuary OVA
Fav line in an anime: The one in Kenshin when he tells Kaoru that he likes the way she thinks of kenjitsu
Fav book: Lord of The Ring
Fav couple: Kenshin and Kaoru, Syaoran and Sakura, Heero and Relina... um... Setsuna and Sarah... err.. Trowa and Qutre(please don't ask), Kusanagi and Mumiji.
Fav food: Cheeze cake
Most embarassing moment: That would definatly be the day of my 18th b-day when i got on a stage and had a naked dancer(male please) dancing all around me!!! poor lil shy me was red as a tomato!
Best moment of my life: When i got a standing ovation for a speash i made for graduation ^=^
When was your first kiss: I was... 15
Fav bad guy: Could be Zecks... or Servothart, or Vejita..
Fav good guy: Of all time, Kusanagi (BlueSeed)
Pets: I got a cat, really cute cat... really, really cute cat, but she eats too much...
Anime guy that I drool over:I got some... Sanozuké, Kenshin, Trowa (really too sexy.. he he and always in uniform! love uniforms to death!) and Mikael (got a thing for tatoos and googles) oh, and sweet lil Quatre.
Personnality: I'm shy, though I'm working on that. I hate mornings, not very talkative, got a bad temper at some times but usualy i'm kind harted and cheerful.
Fav colour: Red and blue
Fav flower: Lilies and lila
Fav season: Winter(i love snow)
Hobbies: I draw a lot, i write a lot and i sleep a lot!
Mission in life: Just finish my shooling for the time being.
Fav anime: A list! Dragonball(my first manga), Card Captor Sakura, Blame, Angel Sanctuary, Rurnouni Kenshin, Neo Genesis Evangalion, Gundam Wing, Yugioh (that you really must not ask) BlueSeed and that new manga Togari, it's just so great, too bad for you that it's only translated in frensh ^-^.

Life's a game so hun, let's play hard!

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