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NIGHt OF StARS has been updated! YAY!
Check out the side-story "Kohji's Story" as well!

Also, check out my LJ! http:///users/odangohead/

Alrighty then! I just realized that I hadn't updated this profile in like, 3 years, which is really sad. hahaha. So, I decided to erase all the random crap I had written here about how obsessed I was with anything Japanese because quite frankly, that was a ridiculous phase and I've outgrown it. Um... NoS is my baby, so even though I take forever to update I won't quit it. I've got a couple of other stories in the works that I write whenever I get writers block for NoS... I might post them on here eventually. I've also been slowly re-working the earlier chapters of NoS, so check back on those every once in a while. Right now I'm only as far as the 2nd chapter, so I'll apologize in advance to any new readers for the crappiness that suddenly appears after chapter three. lol.

Stories that I'm working on:

Wah~! It's my first (mainly) shounen-ai story! All my other ones have just had couples as supporting characters. Yay for Hideki & Yoru!! Does anybody else find it strange or is it just me, that it's a shounen-ai story with a primarily female cast of characters. Then again, that's just because Yoru's got so many bloody sisters! Anyway... it's gonna get kinda disturbing at times soon, but hey! It's also gonna get a little hotter in here as the boys get closer & closer, so I hope that you keep reading! AND REVIEWING, I hope! nudgenudge


Woohoo! I'm finally writing a F/F story. Join Devi on her wacky adventures. Well, they're not that wacky, i guess. And not exactly adventures... but it should be fun. A story about how to deal with love, identity, and growing up under the less than ordinary circumstances of everyday lives. The story seems to be getting a good response so far, so maybe I'll make a website in the future if the response continues.

3. Animalia (Stopped Temporarily)
This story is actually rooted in Japanese mythology about 'kitsune' or 'foxes' it's where I got all of the (fox) names from.
4. Wish (Stopped Temporarily)
I originally began writing this for a competition where we were supposed to write a 50,000 word story in a month... but... well... yeah. I sucked that up;_; So, even though the month is long gone, i'm going to continue with this story now. "Wish" me Luck! (corny, huh?)

OdangoHead _

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NIGHt OF StARS reviews
MxM Chapter 32 is finally here! Also, the earlier chapters are in the process of slowly being reworked. Hideki had lived a pretty uneventful life, until a chance run in with a fellow classmate turns his world upside down.
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