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May the Force be with you. Believes that she should be an anime character herself. Is in love with a plethora of men -- among them, Mulder, Han Solo, Aoshi, Ryouga, Tasuki, Hotohori, Ohgami, Kyou, Arima, and Doumyouji to name a few (yes, that's a few). Leaps before she thinks, and often ends up in a tangled mess.

My favorite pairings include Ryouga-Ukyou, Kenshin-Kaoru, Aoshi-Misao, Ohgami-Sakura, Mitsuru-Shinobu, and Doumyouji-Makino. With Fruits Basket, I finally realized that I'm not particular with the pairings -- I appreciate each and every one. ^_^

Without Words (Rurouni Kenshin) is on a temporary hiatus. I'm sincerely sorry for the delay. It may also be a while before I upload any new RK stories (other than the one I'm doing with chibi-angel). I'm trying to concentrate on my HYD and Furuba fics right now.

Meron akong hinihintay na mag-review sa mga fic ko. Malay mo, ikaw pala. Syet.