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I have just uploaded the next chapter of Recaptured here under a new story heading of "Recaptured Continued". If you have sent me an email and I have not replied I apologise, but I have been inundated. Many people have asked what I am going to do with this story under it's threatened deletion because of the NC-17 rating. The quick answer is, "I don't know!"
In truth, the rating applies to two paragraphs at the end of chapter 2 – which I am more than willing to change. However, as you may know has forbidden authors of NC-17 rated stories to touch them in any way. They cannot be updated or altered and will be deleted in one month. I have written to admin and requested that I be allowed to change the rating, but they have not bothered to grant me the courtesy of a reply.
I have had several offers of other places to update this story and I will keep people informed of my final decision. I am, however very upset at the prospect of losing all the wonderful reviews that the readers have so kindly taken the trouble to write and have downloaded these to a word file which I may try to post elsewhere at some time.
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