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My full title is Xilmin Nerrar, aka Ketchup Woman, Muff Muff the Muffin Woman, Man-Stealer-Trunks-Squisher, The Evil Advisor, Master of the Matrix, Lady of the Elves, The Ultimate Rambler, The Destroyer of Squiggles and The Previous Controller of the Eggy Bread... You may ask 'why so many and what do any of them mean?'... I ask the same question!

Update as of August 08: As predicted last year, my little writing spree was short-lived, slaughtered by the ever dominating force of University. I had been hoping to write more this summer, but so many things keep distracting me. However I have some time this evening to myself so I thought I'd update with what I've been doing.

In September I'll be heading into 4th year of my Earth Science degree. Makes me exceedingly nervous. So far I've done alright, but I suck at practical stuff (I'm a very rare breed that actually likes exams as a way of testing knowledge). Most of 4th year appears to involve practical work. Uh oh. But here's to hoping I can pull through somehow.

Right now I'm actually in the middle of a summer project at the Uni. It's completely unrelated to my degree, and best of all, I'm getting paid for it (or at least I'll get the money eventually, so I'm told). It's to do with meteorites, so all very cool. But that's still 9-5 every weekday. So little time to do writing until that's finished in 3 weeks (Is it only 3 weeks? Doesn't feel I've been working so long!)

Ok, and now on to how my projects stand at the moment:

Current focus: None: I'm too busy to really focus on anything. If I have to say something then it's short stories. I've been feeling in need of practising my writing since more often than not reading back my own work causes me physical pain. I don't want to get bogged down into a big story when I'm busy anyway, and I'm most definitely busy just now.

MARP: An epic fantasy with emphasis on the epic! I think I may have scared myself off from tackling this one since it requires a fair amount of brain power. But I have the massive map I made up on my wall which I stare at from time to time to remind myself that it's still there. Right now though I think I want to practice writing more and do some casual research (which means I'm not actively looking up anything, but taking in any information I stumble across).

Different Worlds: One of the rare modern setting stories of mine. However I'm still toying with increasing the fantasy aspect. I can't even remember if I made a decision on that or not. This one is most definitely on hold since I haven't been in the mood to even think about it for some time. Pity 'cause it can be quite fun to play with.

'The Secret Project': Still doesn't have a title that I'm willing to release. However I will say that it involves time travel, multiple dimensions and some very 'odd' characters. I catch myself contemplating this one now and again. This one is the most likely one I'll pick up in the near future of all my big projects since it fundamentally isn't supposed to be epic (just long-winded and fairly confusing).

Treachery and Betrayal: Rewrite of a rewrite. I was so optimistic about writing Treachery and Betrayal last year, I honestly believed I'd finish it before Uni dragged me away. What a fool I was. I haven't touched it since. It would be nice to get this one out the way though since it's one of my shorter projects.

Second Side: Talking animals and battles 'on the mental plane'. No progress, and no likely progress. Would be nice to return to in the far future when I can claim to have such a thing as extra free time again.

Warrior in Rags: A sort of Eastern fantasy, though only loosely. Also no progress. Perhaps might turn it into a short story. It might work better, and then I might actually write it. But for now I'm not really thinking about it.

A Legend Forgotten: It's laughable to even believe I might have got somewhere with this one. Aside from anything else, I don't even have a plot! For this to be worked on is going to require more than just free time but completion of all my other projects. Like that would ever happen!

SWGH/MSWDT: Not original, but may as well be mentioned. Star Wars Gets Hacked/My Star Wars Dream Thingy. No change here either. I'm still happy with the chapter I have of this completed, which is odd. But it amuses me when I'm feeling down, which is what the point of writing this is all about.

Minor projects: I've been coming up with a fair number of new ideas these past few months. How many I'll progress with is hard to say. But I am hoping to write more into short stories instead of overwhelming myself with my multitude of epic novel-length creations.

Well, that's all at the moment, though that's most definitely more than enough.

Look to my webpage, Nonsical Sense, for art, some relating to these projects. And then there's my blog, Ideas from the Inside, for more of my ramblings on my life.

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