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Hm . . . I read everything and write a lot of really random stuff, but I like to think most of it has some merit. Right now I have a couple of stories posted.

I think "Blessing and Curse"- my Aine story- is best. Right now it's over twenty chapters long. Of which, I checked on it and just to warn you, the story's going to aproach fifty or so chapters (forty seven is the latest guess, depending on how I pace it). I've got the plot all planned out, but the chapters might decide to break differently. You have been warned. This story's going to be huge and long. I think that might be welcome news to some of you.

"Rangers Light Your Way" is - for the moment - definitely on the backburner. I'll renew it if there's enough interest.

"Harper's Descant" was formerly know by the working title of "Harper and Gypsy". Same story, different title. Anyway. It's fun, and I recently revised it, so the songs/poems don't make me wince anymore. It's about as good as Aine- better than Rangers, at least. My friend Siond and I came up with the idea.

"Playing With Fire" is another of Siond and I's ideas. The beginning is a little slow, like most of my stories, but it will get more interesting soon.

I usually have several stories going on at the same time; right now I'm getting brave because of my Aine reviews and posting more stories. Don't worry; I work on all of them concurrently, so check back for updates periodically.

"The Moon's Desire" is my latest one. Kinda a bad summary, as usual, and organized a bit differently, but well worth reading according to my beta. Written in honor of a new camp name and to get rid of several persistence plot ideas. And, surprise of surprises, I really like it. My apologies for only having the prelude up; I am working on the first part, but it's taking much longer than I thought.

Reviews are greatly appreciated; I'll be trying to make a living off of this someday, and honestly, if you could tell me what you like or hate about characters, plot, or just words and phrases, it would mean I lot. I even accept criticism- rather well, I tend to think.

And on that note, all my ideas, characters, worlds, poems, songs, and sayings are copyright (c) me, so please do not take them as your own. My mind does weird things and pulls some strange ideas to the surface, but hey, it's my mind. Go find your own Muse.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy!


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Revised, wip- still. Rissa is a Harper in danger because of the message she carries; Amora is the Tsalinga girl that risks everything to get Rissa safely home. Will the message reach Harper's Nest in time for Council, or will Altrin become High Prince?
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