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I have changed my E-mail. From now on, write to me at the above E-mail, instead of my old one, please!!!

Here is some stuff about me...but nothing too personal! ^_^

Residence: My computer room!

Favorite Color: I have four. Blue, Green, Pink and Purple

Favorite Food: Too many to count! ^_^'

Hobbies: reading, writing, singing, acting.

Other things about me:

I love animals!
My favorite season is Spring.
My favorite flowers are roses.
I am a Harry Potter fan!

Some of my favorite Animes:

Cardcaptor Sakura (duh!)
Ranma 1/2
Gundam Wing

My stories: (see summeries below)

Forgotten Past
Palace of the Wolves
World Beyond the Mist (work in progress)
Forced to Love
The Alluring Anthea (work in progress)
Refuge (Ditto)
Hogwarts-Sakura Style
Leopard Spots and Zebra Stripes (working on it!)

Now, I need your help. I have ideas for several other stories and I have put their summeries below this. I would like you to vote on which one you would like to see next!

I will not to put them up, however, until I have at least one of my 'work in progresses' done.

1. Abduction (non-magic fic)

Sakura comes from a school where everyone is divided into different social groups, according to thier popularity. Realizing that this is wrong, the teachers decide to group the students into different and mixed groups for a science assignment. The students, however, are not pleased and Sakura's group does everything in its power to make each other miserable. But what happens when five armed men, who have escaped from a local penitentiary, are last seen running into the very forest that Sakura and her group are in? Sakura and her group will need to use all their brain-power and rely on each other to get out of the horrible fate that awaits them.

2. Flirting with Fire

Seventeen year old Kinomoto Sakura is the daughter of a wealthy college teacher, and the Mistress of the Sakura Cards. Li Syaoran is the future leader of Hong Kong. She is sweet and loyal, he is cocky and a womanizer. But when you add an annoying brother, four crazy sisters, a nutty Guardian of the Cards, a camera-happy Daidouji Tomoyo, and a cold and heartless Hiiragizawa Eriol, you get an adventure that they might just have to pay the ultimate price for!

3. Taking Flight (A Tomoyo and Eriol fic)

Tomoyo becomes very distraught after Sakura and Syaoran recognize their love for one another. Feeling left out and un-loved, Tomoyo flees Japan for a new and uncertain future at a boarding school in Sun Beach, Oregon, in America (a/n: Sun Beach is not a real town, but it is based on a real one!). There she meets new friends…and enemies. She even uncovers a horrible secret hidden from her for over thirteen years, that happens to include one of her new teachers, Mr. Dayson. Gradually, she pulls further and further away from her old life, and deeper into her knew life, completely unaware that there is one person who will stop at nothing to show her that running away from her problems is not the answer; and he is coming…soon.

4. Of Warriors and Weaklings

When Sakura's brother is offered a job at one of Hong Kong's most prestigious Martial Arts schools, he jumps at the chance, draging not only her along, but her cousin Tomoyo and his ward, Yanagisawa Naoko as well. The girls immediately win the hearts of many of the students and they make quite a few friends. Unfortunatly, danger is nearing, secrets are being revealed, and delicate friendships are going to be tested. It will take Sakura, her friends, and her newest ally, Li Syaoran, to overcome it. But will that be enough?

So...there you are! Please review and tell me what you think! I really want to know!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to E-mail me!

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