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Let me tell you a little something about myself: I am a Christian. Not a Catholic, or a Baptist, or anything else... just a Christian. I try follow the Lord Jesus Christ in everything I do and say, and hope people see his light shining in me. My story "Judgement Day" may be fiction, however, I do consider it to be an essay. You can hate me for this if you'd like, but I believe what I believe, and I know that the Lord will allow me into Heaven to commune with him for all eternity.

Now that that is cleared up...

I am a writer. Judgement Day was written on a whim in response to a religious discussion I had with a friend, but mostly, I write fantasy. Well, when I actually get around to writing. The only two stories I've ever finished were Judgement Day and George, another of my stories, which many people wished I would elaborate on and continue. The reason for this is that, sure, I have thousands of awesome ideas stacked up in my head, but when I start writing, they all go scuttling and hide in the deep recesses of my mind, refusing to come out... so I think of a cool plotline, etch in details, think it out just a little more, and start writing... then stop, because I can't remember where I wanted to take the story.

It's so bad that I am actually surprised that my account still exists.

Hey, maybe someday I'll actually write something decent and finish it... you never know.