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Hey, all! Welcome to my inspiration. I'm an 18-year-old girl hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. I loooove anime (Fushigi Yuugi, CardCaptors, Inuyasha, and Tenchi), not to mention drawing it (despite the fact I suck). I am currently single with no social life and loaded with college classes, so that's why I have time to dedicate all my time to writing. I hope you enjoy the stories I have up now, and I beg your forgiveness for me not updating often... CURSE YOU, SCHOOL!!! I work hard to write these during my class-time. LOL! Actually, I can't do that so much now... mainly since I don't have an extra notebook *snort* :D

Anyways, I also have a soft spot for anything that involves medieval fantasy, which translates into vampires, fairies, elves, you name it. I heart LotR, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park. I even have a set of elf ears I wear for kicks and giggles (which reminds me, I left them at home... *cries*). Okay, I've bored you all enough with my alleged biography ^_^ Please read AND REVIEW!!! Or I'll have Llewellyn hunt you down!

My favorite things:
-Lord ot the Rings!!! *cough* Legolas *cough* elves *cough*
-Fushigi Yuugi *cough* Chichiri *cough*
-Harry Potter *cough* Oliver Wood *cough*
-Star Wars : my throat hurts now, so no more coughing.
-geeky stuff... well duh!
-other random things that my sleep-deprived mind can't think of ^_^
-classical, big band, some musicals, John Williams/Howard Shore music, J-pop/anime ^_^
-England, Scotland, Ireland, Japan. YAY FOR FOREIGN MEN!

Things I hate!:
-stupid people (see above)
-rap, American pop, some rock, punk, heavy metal, etc. music
-um... can't think of anything else. ^_^;


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Bertie, a little girl whose real name is Marlene, believes in the elves that dwell in the forest of Naric, which surrounds her home village of Naris, but the people of her village don't like her stories and beliefs. What will Bertie find when she venture
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My final project for my Creative Writing class. Since I suck at summaries, you'll have to read it. Trust me, it will get fairly interesting. A half-elf, a human, a full elf, and a forest called Sy'el... pretty much all I can say.
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Syai is a young girl who has taken up slavery as her profession... Tiekkyra is her master and loves her.... Berylius wants her to play with.... Gisana wants her dead.... fluffiness and a ton of non-smut romance ensues.... PLEASE R/R!!! ARIGATO!!
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