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About Me

It's been a long time since I used FictionPress's services. I really love this site and the people here, but I've been very busy. Since I last updated, I've aged. I'm now 20, still living in Washington, attending Evergreen State College. I'm in the beginning of my novel, Verisimilitude, Book One: The Fire. I'd really appreciate reviews, it's very important to me. Plus, unlike my other stories, it's my sole writing devotion and will grow very quickly.

Like before, if you review my stories, I'll do my best to review yours. I'm not promising anything, I have jobs and school to deal with, but I really love to reciprocate reading.

Well, that's that for now. Hope to hear from you all soon!

Current Projects

The Moontide Enigma - Keira, a young woman from Earth, finds herself stranded on the mysterious island of Lythas, a realm ruled by the tide of the moon. Strange magic cloaks the island in perpetual night and wondrous illusions. But will Keira find a way home, or will she be lost to Lythas?
Supernatural - Fantasy/Mystery

Legends of Tarlewyen - This world will act as the scenario for a mass message board RPG I plan on constructing some time in October. Each chapter of the story will be a legend from the world, about its gods, history, and heroes. You'll notice that every 'paragraph' is two sentences long, and that the stories are almost exactly one page (well, atleast by Word standards). Why? Who cares, it's a theme!
Fantasy - Fantasy/Action-Adventure

Starbound - As I once said, "It's about an intergalactic time-travelling dimension-hopping alien from the future!" Despite the fact that I almost *always* write fantasy, my muse decided otherwise. *shakes fist at benevolent dieties* Anyway, Starbound, as I said, is about this alien, who, using the Star-Bind Crystals of his home planet, is able to travel to Earth, circa 2012 AD, to prevent a cataclysmic interstellar war prophesized by the Mayans *all said very quickly, without pause for breath, with kung-fu action grip!* Rated S for Sassy!
Sci-Fi - Action-Adventure/Humor

3 Hands and a Foot - Well, I decided that I've got the supernatural, the fantasy, and the sci-fi (and in that order, even!), and now I want *more*! So, I decided to write a romance *awwww*. Basically, there are three cute boys, competing over one another, and there's one cute boy, who, well, they're also competing over, but he doesn't want any part of it (hence the three hands and a foot). Some title credit must go to Auska-chan, a friend of mine. ^^ Thanks!
Young Adult - Romance/Drama

And Proud It's So - A very simple poem about my homosexuality and coping. Written just so I could cry, I don't expect it to be very good. No rhyming, or meter, or anything poetic. Whatever.
Poetry/Life - Poetry/General

Three Days, Three Ways - A simple poem I wrote a few months back, but I think it's my best to date. It's about the cycles of each day (three cycles), and the three magics that flow during that time (three ways). At the same time, it's symbolic of three forms of the goddess as I see her. Enjoy ^^
Poetry/Religion - Spiritual/Supernatural

3-2-4 Turn Ons - This started as a bizarre conversation with a friend about random 'turn ons'. It escalated to a hilarious riot, and I just had to turn it into a poem for no good reason. We all know that our muses are weird, and the more insane the writer, the more insane the muse, as I always say (well, now I will, anyway). Anyway, it's got a pattern of 3-2-4 syllables, and rhyme scheme. Enjoy!
Poetry/Humor - Humor

Fruit of Genesis - My poem about the Book of Genesis, done for my college class. My opinion of what might have happened, a very pagan view, from Eve's perspective. Based on the Christian myth, but clearly not Christian work. Enjoy?
Poetry/Religion - Poetry/Spiritual

Other Stories (That I originally planned but will not likely ever do)

Starbound - Vector Project - Phase I (Chapter Three) - With only a week until the commencement of the Vector Project, final preparations must be made. Professor Calhoun begins the first phase, and the beginning of the end is just around the corner.

Legends of Tarlewyen - Traveler's Guide, Elia - The first of another miniseries of Tarlewyen. Obviously, it's about the various regions of the world, allowing me to delve into the geography and cultural history more.

The Moontide Enigma - And The Book of Blood (Book One, Chapter Seven) - Will Keira discover the First Secret? Will Aidan grant her the knowledge she needs, or will the fiery wraith send her away - possibly beyond the mortal planes? (the final chapter of Book One. Expect delays before Book Two, as well as an intermission in between)

3 Hands and a Foot - With Sexy Results (Chapter Six) - Yes, the title is stolen from Simpsons. Good old reliable Homer. My idol ^^; Anyway, Joel reconciles with Brett (or was it Brent?), trying to make up for the day before, while planning on how to seduce Glenn.

Tainted Blood - Another old concept (not as old as the story below) about a young man who discovers an ancient book of magic, and calls forth the Tainted Blood into his veins, becoming a vampire. Neither good nor evil, he is born again to the night...Coming soon!

Heir-Apparent - The son of the Emporeror falls ill to a deadly plague, making way for his half-brother to be named the heir-apparent. But is the plot as simple as it seems, or do deceit and magic shroud the truth?

13 : Reborn - An old story of mine, from a few years back. About a boy who three ancient lives within his soul, and as he unlocks their memories, he unlocks their powers - and a quest to save two worlds. I don't know when I'll get around to starting this, but it'll be my third attempt at writing it - the first got me far, but not well when I look back. The second barely went anywhere. The third will succeed, though, so don't worry about that ^^

Project Pedigree Falcon - Well, I've figured it out. Project Pedigree Falcon will be about two fraternal twins, a boy and girl, about 16 or 17 years old, who come upon psychic powers, and decide to use them to help stop crime. The mysteries unfold, with them helping to solve them. Coming soon!

Daughter of Takhisis - Working title? - This is a story based on the world of Krynn (the world of Dragonlance), so it'll be hosted on Fanfiction.Net. It'll be written with a friend, WolverGrim, and, if it turns out successful, we want to try to publish it. We won't reveal the plot till we have the story started though, sorry!

The Circle - Going to be written by WolverGrim and our other mutual friend, The Circle is a story about three kids who find themselves gifted with magic and the ability to train their powers through the portal of The Circle. Can't reveal much without revealing all, but not likely to appear for a *long* time.


"If I had been evolution, I would have done things differently." - Me

"I'm an impulsively indecisive person." - Me

"So I don't forget, my favorite song is Like a Prayer, by Madonna. Good thing I wrote this down, I won't remember by tomorrow..." - Me. Again.

"Some people may not deserve to live, but noone deserves to die!" - Yes, it's me again.

"Stop being a control freak and let me do it!" - Hehe, more me!

In reference to the Philippine foreign film 'I love Turkey', "Surprisingly, the movie wasn't about the country Turkey, but was actually all about hunting turkies in the United States. Very odd indeed seeing as it was made in the Philippines." - WolverGrim

"'re the sweetest thing I ever tasted..." - Sugar Rush, A-teens - Riiight...

"...if you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel (on your knees, boy!)..." - Mysterious Ways, U2 - Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god...*drools*

"Who was the first to see a cow and think "I wonder what will happen if i
squeeze these dangly things and drink whatever comes out?" - Unknown but funny.

"I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather..Not screaming
and yelling like the passengers in his car." - As above.

"If at first you do not succeed, skydiving isn't for you." - Again, as above.

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Sins of the Father
Part 1 of a little world I started making...
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 717 - Published: 8/24/2008
Verisimilitude: The Fire
A college student embarks upon a journey of self-discovery and ends up entangled in a conspiracy of Immortals and a millenia-old war.
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