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Updated as of 15/06/2004:

This is an update. I repeat. This is an update.

Once you've picked yourselves off the floor and recovered from shock, let me explain myself. ^^; Well, first things first... the latest chapter of Divine Flame is up. FINALLY. Over the period of 6 months from December 2003 till June, my computer has crashed a total of 7 times, each time taking the chapter with it, which, needless to say, delayed things a fair deal. Now, you might all ask: Why didn't I make a backup copy of the chapter?

To put things simply: I forgot. Now that I've graduated from secondary school into pre-university college, life has turned even more stressful than ever. I could go on forever about how pre-uni college is the pits, but I shall just stick to saying that it's stressing me out. :P

With the stress piling up and the computer crashing so many times, I was distracted quite a fair deal. And then I kind of... lost interest in writing, because of the goddamned computer that seems to have some sort of a personal vendetta against me. But I've managed to complete the chapter, miraculously! And I shall continue the writing. XD Let's just say that spending hours upon hours, days upon days and weeks upon weeks hanging out at the non-fiction section of the library did wonders for me.

And thanks to the people who insisted I continue writing. XD Though they did... threaten to maim me if I didn't. O_o

Now that has splitted into two separate websites, I have to update my profiles separately... -_-;;

That's my Fanfiction account information, please check there for my fanfictions.

Story Progress:
Divine Flame: Chapter 9 - 100% done. WHOO!
Divine Flame: Chapter 10 - 0% done. Planning.
Eternal Dreams: Chapter 2 - 0% done. Planning.
Never Forgotten Chapter 3 - 0% done. Planning.

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A man awakens only to find that his wife and his aunt have been brutally murdered. As he continues on, more are murdered, and the killer leaves behind a cryptic message: "I am always watching you from the shadows."
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More angst! This time with a bittersweet sort of ending. :) This story was based off a scene from Gensomaden Saiyuki, but I didn't think it can be considered a fanfiction.
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