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Story Pictures for the Nothing and Everything series: Ali's Scrapbook --down at the moment. I dropped my hosting provider and I will find it a new home.

Important News

Only the Strong Survive: It's here!I've started working on the prequel to Nothing and Everything. There's a lot to fit into this story so time is going to move a bit faster than it did in Nothing and Everything. Update: It's back on again!

The Stories

Nothing and Everything COMPLETE Rick Shaw is a pitcher in love with the game. Ali Bancroft is the woman of his dreams. Life throws him a curve, secrets are revealed, hearts are broken...can love survive?

Letting Go COMPLETE Sequel to Nothing and Everything Friendship brought them together. Will love tear them apart?

The Night the Sky Fell Down COMPLETE She's a hard nosed FBI Special Agent with a past. He's her new partner with a secret. This is the biggest case of their careers. To make it out alive they'll have to trust each other, but is that a risk they're willing to take?

Ships That Don't Come In COMPLETE Twelve years ago Kelly Mulder's father disappeared out at sea. With a love for the ocean and the determination to find out what happened to her father all those years ago, Kelly, along with her brother Chase set out on a mission. Their search is stopped short when they stumble upon something beyond their wildest dreams.

Only the Strong Survive This is what you've been waiting for. You know Rick and Ali together, now get to know them before it all happened in the prequel to Nothing and Everything.

Still to come
I have a couple of other stories in the works. One taking on the theme of The Night The Sky Fell Down and another that is completely different from what you have seen so far.

Someone left a review for The Night the Sky Fell Down stating that I had used a character that was on a TV show or movie. I can assure you that any and all characters in my stories are my own.

Read and see what you like...

Please review, good or bad, it doesn't matter. Even a one word review is better than no review at all. If you don't review, I don't know whether or not you like the story, I don't know what I'm doing wrong or right, and as seen with one of my other stories that has since been put on hold almost indefinitely, lack of reviews can sometimes kill the story all together because I don't think anyone is reading it. Some people have asked whether or not I'm one of those writers who won't update a story until a chapter has a certain number of reviews. I will assure you that I'm not. Stories get updated when I have the time to write them. Don't worry, I do make time for my stories and if I post it here, then you can pretty much be sure that I will complete it. I wouldn't leave you hanging like that.

"And if it never worked before
Try it just once more
That's what your heart is for."
~Jimmy Buffett


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