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This is a shared account between friends. We like fanfiction so we joined together and started to write fanfics!


My name is Rachel and I am a sheep. I write and read fanfiction. Worship me.
Height: What height should a sheep be?
Weight: Ten million kilos. What? You want me to lie?
Eye color: Brown
Nationality: I was born in Hong Kong but my parents were imported in a very nice crate from Malaysia
Likes: Any animated series by DC or Marvel, comic books, fanfiction
Dislikes: School. People saying 'sheep can't read'.
Quote: What the *blee- uh, I mean, baaaa...
E-mail: opalgirlz@yahoo.com, dark_opalz@yahoo.com
Yahoo messenger/Y!:opalgirlz
MSN: opalgirlz@hotmail.com

You can add me on your Y! or msn list if you want, we'll chat. Don't worry, I don't bite. Much. ;D

Hi, this is Dallas... my real name's Darrel but I hate it, so I changed it to Dallas. No I was NOT aware when I changed it that Dallas, Texas was the place where Kennedy... died. I just thought it was a cool name. So sue me.

I'm a 'society girl'; I love going out, shopping, socializing with friends... that sort of thing. I HATE hiking, insects and death. My fave season's Autumn.

I love slash. I make Rachel write slash. We collaborate. 'Tis fun. She's a huge spoilsport though; she doesn't like lemons in her fics. Pity...

We finally got a joint blog!-

Also, check out Rachel's roleplaying blog as Vegeta-

And Dallas' roleplaying blog as Trunks-