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LOVE Buffy and Angel. And I'm a HUGE B/A fan. Check out some of my other fics on my other account, CharmedGirl. ^_^ I have... *counts* 3 or 4 Buffy fics on that account. Please R&R my fics!!!

:BTW none of these fics are slash, so W/S is not Wesley/Spike, it's Willow/Spike:
Other happy normal BTVS/ATS ships: W/O, C/D, X/Anya, W/T acceptable but prefer W/O, C/X
Odd ships *I'm weird. Please don't kill me: S/W, A/W, B/Aus *ok, not that odd, but it hasn't been on BTVS so I declare it odd, F/S, erm I think that's all... I'll go hide in my corner now.