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If you're looking for some of my fics that just aren't coming up, it's because I've deleted them. I'm being a bit more selective in what I post and what I want the rest of the world to see, so they've been taken down. If you absolutely adored them, you can leave a review in one of the other stories and I'll email you a copy.

Fic Status:
Reap the Bitter Fruit is currently undergoing extensive rewriting, revising, and beta'ing. The 'new' chapters are being posted on Schnoogle, which means I won't be posting the next chapter until all previously written chapters have been reworked. Do check out the 'new improved' versions!

Olympia has perhaps two or three chapters remaining, as well as an alternate ending, starting at where Hermione calls their names – what if they didn't turn around? Look for these in the next two to three weeks.

Blood and Water is currently on hold, although I anticipate adding another chapter or two by the end of September, once I get a clearer picture of where I want it to go and when it will end.

Fixing What's Broken Aka the Depression Fic. It's very hard to write depressed when you aren't currently, so it's indefinitely on hold, until the depressed!Harry muse returneth.

Cross Pollination is also indefinitely on hold. I'm just not very good at writing pure romance, and even worse at het, it seems.