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Hi people!
I am almost alaways hyper so don't mind me if I scare you! +}
My Top 10 Fav Food's
1. Marshmellows
2. French Fries
3. Mashed Potato's or Mashed Fotato's
4. Oatmeal Cookie's
5. Choolate
6. M&M Cookie's
7. Choolate-Chip Cookie's
8. Carmel
9. Ritz Cracker's
10. Baked Potato's or Baked Fotato's
My Top 10 Fav Movie's
1. Pearl Harbor
2. Heart Breaker
3. Runaway Bride
4. Random Hearts
5. Six Days, Seven Nights
6. My Best Friends Wedding
7. Anne of Green Gables the continueing story
8. Anne of Green Gables
9. Head Over Heals
10. The Perfect Storm

ok now i'll tell you about fire and MooMoo
MooMoo- always wears everything in cow prints. an annoying, tall girl with blonde hair and blue eye's.
She likes to watch animal movie's and watch cow's grazing.
All of her room is decorated in cow prints and cows.
Fire- Dresses to the latest fashion and has a bad tempor.
She's alway's yelling at MooMoo for something. A really nice person if you talk to her when MooMoo iusn't around.
She has red hair and violet eye's. She got her name from her hair. She's a great runner and is good at kicking butt. Most people think she's the best.
ok i'd like to say hi to all my friends including MJ, Starr Graving, and ChickyPoo.
So HI!!!!!!!
also a special Hi to frankie. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok some more about me!
Fav animal: Manatee's (their so cute!)
Fav color: probaly purple
Fav sport: horseback ridding
Fav moive: Pearl Harbor (if you haven't already guessed from above.)
Fav book: ummmmm hmmmmmmm u know I'm not sure there's sooooooo many I'd have to say "Hidden Passions"
Fav Soap: Days of Our Lives and Passions (their both really cool!)
Fav Guy: that's so easy Frankie ( my boyfriend)
Fav Web site: another easy one
Fav fan fic: you know I'd have to say "One mounth at Alpha Olmega" by Starr Gravings,but it was a hard chioce to make their's so many good one's!
Fav Authar:ummm hmmmmmm I'd have to say Lurlene McDaniel.
Fav FFN Authar: i have no clue about that one their's soooooooooo many talented one's.
Fav food: marshmellows. (incase you didn't notice from above.)(they make me hyper!) +}
Fav TV show: Avanlea
Fav subject: history (I'm not not a big fan of ancient history, except Eygpt and China.)
Ok for everyone who has read "How I Love Thee" and can't wait for the second chapter it will hopefully be up by this time next Saturday. I'm sorry I haven't got it up yet I've had some problems with what should happen and I've been doing other things. hopefully it will be up soon. Sorry if yuor mad that it isn't up yet I have some people on my case about not writting more.
Ok more stories I hope to put up soon:
1. Half Way Around the World From Home
2. Dance with the Tide
3. Hurt1: Anastasia Marie Parlor's Story
4. One World Away From Home
that's all of my stories that r even close to being ready.
Ok now i'll tell alittle more about me!
Hair Color: Brown(I hate my hair)
Eye's: blueish gray
Hiegth: somewhere right above 5feet
I have these cool shoes that make me about an inch taller. +}
State: Ohio(I hate Ohio, no afense to it)
I think I have a ok sense of humor.
my spelling ability is about 0, so it's good my computer has this thing that immedetly tells me I spelled something wrong.
I spend alot of time talking, thats like my life. Talking and music.
I'm probaly not that good of a writer, but I'll let you deside that. I now that my new pen name is in ways weird, but I like. I'll try to finish my stories soon!
Ok now more about myself! Anyone still reading this? Ok well if you are then here's more about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I growup I have a dream, I want to help people less fortunate than us. Another thing I would like to do is help animals that need it, I hate when people hurt animals! It's so horrible to see someone beat up an animal! I don't now if I can make a difference, but maybe I can. It's only a dream though so it may never ever come trte, but I hope it does!
I can kinda draw, I mean it's not one of my best talents, but it works. I don't think I could be an Artist, because I'm not that good. I like drawing manitee's the best. Their so cute and they look so sad. Their the main reason I want to help animals, I've seen wounded manitee's. It hurts to see a hurt animal, and then I desided I wanted to help animals.
I love reading books, it's my favorite thing to do on the bus. When I read I think "Why can't I write like that?", and I wish I could. Some of the people I admire are author's. I read alot of diaries cause they tell you first hand what's going on.~usually~ I should write a dairy, but it probaly wouldn't be that good.

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