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Hiyee! So your actually reading about me hmm? Lemme see...something interesting about me..
I'm a hopelessly romantique pisces, I love finger painting, drawing, weaving hemp necklaces, listening to techno and classic rock, I love almost anything Japanese, cute girls, pretty men, flowers (only the fake ones and potted plants cause they don't die ^.^) feathers and beads, snickers bars, and pop tarts, pink if my favey color, yaoi and yuri is wonderful ^.~ I love couples in general, astrology, I'm wiccan, I love rainbow colored cigarettes, tofu and well of course writing. I love talking to people about anything and everything, life in general is beautiful, and I love everyone. If I don't sound too much of a cheese ball to ya, e-mail me sometime ^.^ Anything is better than spam.
Favey Anime: Angel Sanctuary,X, Fruits Basket, Kare Kano, Saber Marionette J, Vandread, Love Hina, Digimon (it makes me so happy!) Ah My goddess, Ranma, and many many more! ^^;;;
~*Luv, peace, huggles,

"Not an astronaut! not an astronaut!" --Alec and I talking about the ending of 02 *dies* XD