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Okay, so I lied - it's not a Draco pic - it's an old Quidditch Ginny I had poking around - next it'll be Draco, promise, lol. Poor ratty pic...:shakes head:


So, okay, lil' update - Everyone make sure to check out the new story - like I needed another one, right? - that I'm collaborating with Jedi Tess of Gryffindor on. It's called "Potter vs. Malfoy: War's End" With J.T. writing, you know it's gotta' be good, lol. It's D/G, H/Slytherin Chick(Blaise), with a bit of R/H, and Draco and Harry's kids, in their Seventh Year. (Confused yet?^_^)

It IS a Time-Turner fic - and yes, you guys can slap me silly because I always said I'd never do a Time-Turner fic, lol! But believe me, the Time-Turner part is really the only cliche bit in this fic! Check it out - you might just like it! ^_^ It's posted under J.T.'s account, btw.


Hey - er, I just wanted to make it known, I AM so sorry about the slow updates on everything. I get so busy sometimes, grrr. I haven't abandoned any of my stories, I just honestly haven't had time to write. I will update A.S.A.P. on everything, but I just can't make any promises. :sob:

I noticed I've been getting a lot of e-mails on the fate of Harry Potter-Dark Wizard? (Did I mention I HATE that title?) I have to say I'm bewildered by the attention it's been getting. The plot is holey like swiss cheese, though I do confess I like bits and pieces of it. I fully intend to complete it, want to do that desperately in fact, but it's going to take time I don't have right now. It could be a LOT better, it needs to be taken down, re-written, and re-posted. Not to mention a new title, lol. It will be done, just not right now, I guess. But thank you guys who are keeping the interest in it. I REALLY appreciate it. Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best, lol.

Dec. 17 ~*~
So...it's been over a MONTH. In my defense, I do have to say I HAVE written, and posted...but just not any fics of mine, really. :fidgets guiltily: Well, that's not entirely true. I did update 'Secret', and write a fluffy, pointless holiday H/G. What can I say? Writer's block is a cruel, sadistic bitch. I'm honestly surprised anyone is bothering to e-mail me about updating stuff, lol. I love my fics, but, let's face it - I am NO J.K. Rowling. Or even a Cassie Claire. :sigh: But that's okay. It's cool, it's a dry heat. (Don't ask.)

Er...I was gonna say something before I delved into the depths of agonizing self-doubt and pity...oh yeah! :lightning bolt: Things are being worked on, and WILL be updated! I have NOT abandoned ANY of my fics. It's not gonna happen. My brain was blank for a bit is all. (I know, can you believe it? Heh.) So...there. Plus, I had to peel my hands from around a playstation controller - I made a BIIIG mistake buying the new Harry Potter game. Great game, but man, Draco is an annoying little snot. They made him laugh like a complete idiot, you know? Sounds awful. So not Draco. :grins: Not MY Draco anyway. God, I'm pathetic...

Anyway...At least expect a new chapter for Potter Vs. Malfoy, and a new Dragon Rebels chapter sometime this week. Thanks to everyone who's kept up with the fics - it means a lot! :sniff: ^_~ I love you!

Happy Holidays!

JAN. 29 *
Sorry about the lack of updates everyone. You don't know how much I hate to say this, on top of the writer's block crap, but - I won't be updating again until I get a new computer. I don't know how long it's going to be, either, and I KNOW I'm going to start losing my very dear, lovely, loyal readers, and it makes me just absolutely ill. And it's really screwing over poor J.T. on 'War's End', too. I'm really sorry guys. I LOVE writing, but life is seemingly against me right now.
Hopefully I'll be back up to scratch soon, and have a ton of new, good stuff hiding somewhere in my head, along with my new computer, lol.
THANKS for reading, and I hope you guys will keep an eye out for me in the future. This is NOT a goodbye, Its just a little while, not giving up on the fics, promise!
((Again with the sorries, Tess!))
The Ever Unreliable,
Lee ^_~

Fave pairings: D/G, H/G, R/H (I am a diehard R/H fan - don't let me see them hook up with anyone else in the future books, I'll go bonkers, I swear. Start slavering, grow fangs, foam at the mouth an all that - it won't be a pretty sight.)

Fave quotes:

"- Good thing we didn't panic," - Ron/Rupert Grint ^_~

"I am not a total stranger, I am a perfect stranger."

"Oh, my stars and garters," Hank McCoy/Beast

"Write - in - the - diary, dumbass." - From Harry Potter And The Chamberpot Of Secrets, authored by Silver Phoenix

(This isn't really a fav quote, but I'm STILL laughing hysterically over it, so...)

"Fancy that - Draco Malfoy, Hogwarts' resident man-whore." - Ron, The Dragon Rebels