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hey evryone, heres a LOOONG profile ov me... check it out..

name: just call me hoobastanker altho lillian iz mah real name. im known by many as RUKI MAKINO! :)

location: MD unfortunately... USA PRYDE!

sex: um... female? yea thats ryte

age: 13

maritial status: single... :cough: no wait... im married... heh... or soon 2 b at least lol

race: CHYNEEZE!! AZN PRYDE MAN!! visit thys site if u got azn pryde! g0t r1ce bitch g0t food g0t soup g0t spice? thys is sum tyte shit-

hair color: dark, dark, dark brown... pretty much black..

eye color: dark, dark dark brown...

hobbies: SHOPPING! drawing, sports, chatting, hangn out w/buds...

sports: BASKETBALL!!! (u no i can whoop u ryo) tennis and track (i wanna learn how 2 skateboard and surf)

fav movie: scary movie 2, 13 ghosts, signs and MULAN OV COURSE!!! (ITS ALL ABOUT DA AZN PRYDE BABI!)

fav tv channel: DISCOVERY CHANNEL!! WOOHOO *gotta luv those documentaries*

fav tv show: invader zim! or maybe jackie chan adventures, AZN PRYDE (once again)

fav comic: johnny the hommicidal maniac

fav animes: DIGIMON! yu yu hakusho, inu yashu, cowboy bebop, yu-gi-oh, g gundam, etc..

fav commercial: DA LUCKY CHARMS COMMERCIAL!!! and that frosted flakes commercial, cant forget tony!

if i had to be labeled, i would b... punk!! punk pryde, ROCK ON ALL!

music: hard, metal, punk, goth industrial ROCK! sum bands r... *just to name a few... ~.^
hoobastank, disturbed, TRUSTcompany, rage against the machine, pink floyd, bowling for soup, mxpx, slipknot, nirvana, NIN, awkward, jerkstore, utterance, rainshine, blink 182, papa roach, sum 41, koRn, student rick, walk, thrown to the wolves, GIANTSIZE, n eminem (altho eminem aint rock) LATE BY 14 4EVA!!! DATS MAH BUD'S BAND!! CHECK EM OUT AT !!!

oh yeah, i gotta new e-mail, it's rukidahoobastanker@

shout outz 2...

angel13: hey, whatsup? skool IS cool... AZN PRYDE!!! u n HIROKAZU :tear: such a beautiful couple!

fiery-chan: hey! prep sux! the hot river guide! :-) LLAMA i do hope u r getting along with henry.. ^_^

the biggest dreamer a.k.a ryo: u no i can whoop u in bball! stop trying to kid yourself... just wait till i go ova there... ANYWAYS, i am the digimon queen so ha!


PAYCE OUT!!! *hahahahaha, cough linden cough*

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