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Junkie (formerly Fastfood Junkie), 18 and female, at your service. *sigh* Had to adjust my name due to complications. Everyone calls me Junkie anyway, so I guess it's no problem :) End of an era... I'm a big fan of slash, angst and drama. I generally hate humour/romance/self-placement in fics. But there are exceptions :)

Yahoo messgr - fastf00djunkie (very rarely there)

Obsessions of the moment =

- Kevin Smith movies. My god, the man is my hero. I'm beginning to wonder if he actually IS a deity. Clerks slash. Chasing Amy slash. Jay/Bob slash. SO MUCH SLASH!

- Faith No More. Life-saver Mike Patton.

- Slipknot slash. Still. ANY pairing. All hail VF for writing a Shawn/Craig fic. You're a genius duder!! Plus all the other amazing Knot writers out there...you all rock my world.

I'm still waiting to be kidnapped by James...for not writing any new deftones fics. I will, I promise. It's just that I still can't think of any good plots for them at the moment.

Ok, so there's a few fics I have on the go that have either never been finished, or ended a little openly. Let's see...

1). Gone (Knot) - Have to write some more. People seemed to like the Chris/Paul pairing.

2). Kneel Down for the Queen of the Town (Knot) - The big Joey angst one, that's still not finished. I'm just not in the Joey "zone" right now, but I'm sure I'll get round to it one day.

3). You Belong To Me (Knot) - That tiny Craig/Chris angsty.

4). DIE (Knot) - Coming soon, a Chris/Corey/Sid threesome.

Now, if you're still here...and you like slash, then there are three sites that I co-author that you may be inteeeerested in... - Home of Slipknot slash fanfiction. - Home of American Head Charge slash fanfiction. - Home of Jackass slash fanfiction.

Calvin & Hobbes forever.