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Hello, everyone! I'm Tigerwolf. My favorite things go in this order: Ice Age Mammals, Dinosaurs, Animals in general, Dinotopia, Animorphs, Star Trek (Original Series, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise), Dinoverse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and a few other things that I can't remember right now.

I hope to make a move into Dinotopia fanfics soon. Hello to everyone who knows me as K'Ren Utahraptor from the OMB and various EZboards.

As far as Ats and BtVS go, I'm a multi-shipper. Right now, I'm into S/B (Spike/Buffy), A/C (Angel/Cordelia), and (only if it's in the past) B/A (Buffy/Angel).

I also love the book series "Animorphs", except for the last book. K.A. was so mean to kill off Rachel, especially when she and Tobias were just getting close... Sorry, most of you probably have no clue what I'm talking about.

Still sending a thanks out to all my favorite people.

To MissKitieFantastico, my best online friend who was the first to support me and always reads my fics.

To Tequila Sunrise, another online friend who I am greatly enjoying coauthoring with as well.

To msu (Mel), my fellow fluffy fic writer. Thanks for all the great reviews! I'm glad I can help you from time to time.

To Talia-ali, one of the two I know that likes Animorphs as much as I do. Thanks, Talia!

To Azonthus, Croco, Guardian, and all my other Dinotopian friends. Breath Deep, Seek Peace, guys.

To my favorite reviewers, Diane Weiss, Melohdramatic, Insane1, Claudia79ad, Falcon-Rider, and anyone I've forgotten. =) Keep it up, guys! You are my inspiration to continue writing.

Speaking of writing, I've written a book. The title is "Tigerwolf" (no, it's not an autobiography, lol), and it is now avaliable from , , , .

Currently, the Paperback, Hardback, and E-Book are available from http://
Go to 1st Books site, type 'Tigerwolf' in the title search window, and you will be able to see the 'About The Author', 'About The Book', and an exciting 'Free Preview'.

Here's what the back of the book says...

Tigerwolf, once active in the infamous Renegade Wolves, finds his true self when he joins the Lion Team in Lynn Ridge, California. This elite police task force is headed by Rupert, a lion from Great Britain, who becomes Tigerwolf's mentor.

When Tigerwolf attends the California State Police Academy near San Francisco, a mystery involving Renegade Wolf spies deepens. He requires the assistance of his Austrailian Shepherd classmate, Andy, and his Lion Team partner, Alex, a hyena with a playful nature, to get to the bottom of the mystery before lives are lost.

Ever present danger from the Renegades, locally headed by the murderous Blackfire, plagues the city and surrounding areas. Gripping action/drama involves animatronic dinosaurs at the Lynn Ridge Museum of Natural History.

While affirming friendships and his love for the beautiful white cat Annabelle, Tigerwolf thrives on the adventure of overcoming the evil acts of the Renegade Wolves.

The unforgettable Tigerwolf has promised himself that he will not rest until Blackfire and his minions are brought to justice.

Oh, and my Mom designed the cover art! A big hand for her! YAY!

I guess that's all for now.

Breathe Deep, Seek Peace, God Bless.