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I read my bio last night, and it was rather depressing! Therefore, I decided to change it since it'd bring over the wrong impression.

My name is Kirsten, I'm 18 years old and I live in the Netherlands/Holland/whatever you wanna call it. English is not my first language, buuut, I like expressing myself in english. Somehow it fits. I know some of my spelling sucks - but cut me some slack will ya ;)

I started writing in the fanfiction world - Lord of the Rings mainly - but then got interested in writing stuff of my own. I've been hooked ever since and found out that it's great free therapy.

I love writing. Most of the time it doesn't even make sense! But when I'm done writing a piece, I feel relieved. Like telling a secret to one of your friends that has been bothering you for quite a while.

Another passion of mine is music. I listen to all kinds of music and I do not limit myself. Bands/etc I like are Foo Fighters, dEUS, Nirvana, Kaiser Chiefs, Maxïmo Park, The Cribs, The Kills, Millionaire, Spinvis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soulwax, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, Racoon, Stereophonics, Blur, Muse, Kings of Leon... and a lot more but I'd probably bore ya.

What am I like? Well, I am rather reserved in a large crowd. I start to open up once I really know people, and even then I'm quite 'closed off'. That doesn't mean I'm socially disorted ;) Nevertheless I like having fun, meeting new people, I LOVE Italy (Viva Italia!!), and I like being single. It's not ideal, but I'm just not ready to commit myself to something and totally open myself up.

If that sounded depressed; I'm not! I'm having fun and I have my general demons, but don't we all?

Be sure to checkout my stuff (some poems suck, but I'll let you guess which ones so you'll read more) and see you later!

MSN: kurts_groupie@hotmail.com

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I changed reviews
It's about breaking a relationship and getting out stronger - though it's written more vaguely. Please R&R, but don't be harsh, I'm a beginner ;)
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