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Konnchi-wa, all you users! Gijinka Renamon the Jedi, the seventh Animorph AKA Sailor Earth here, bring too you some great stories! Here's what I look like: A 13- year old girl with long brown hair, and blue eyes,wearing a white t-shirt that has red, white, and blue stars on it, and several silver stars, blue pants with a white stripe down the sides,white sneakers, and a white jacket with the words "American Girl" on it. Wears a golden,star 5-pointed star with the Eye of Horus on it. (The Millenium Star) Also carries a teal digivice. Owns the armor of Nature, the crest of Compassion, a blue light saber, the Phenoix Gundam, and the powerful Zoid Robodillo.
And here are my muses:
My Yami, Omrose, the muse of Horror fics,
(raises one hand and smiles)
Yami Gijinka Renamon: Hello.
My Fairy Godparent Bluebell, the muse of Drama fics,
(Waves both arms)
Bluebell: Hi there!
My medabot Rocat, the muse of Mystery fics,
Rocat: Hi!
My antromorphic siver fox/werewolf friend Luna Silverfang, the muse of Romance fics,
(Waves her fingers)
Raisenshi, Toa of lighting, the muse of Suspense fics,
(Waves her thunder spear)
Rai: Hiyah!
My fairy partner, Tali, the muse of Poetry fics,
(Flies around excitedly)
Tali: Hi Hi Hi!!!!
My dragon friend Celeste, the muse of Fantasy fics,
(Makes a peace sign)
Celeste: Hi.
The pink Yoshi Yoshette, the muse of General fics,
Yoshette: Hey there!
My Dinosaur partner Spikeback the Stegosaurus, the muse of Angst fics,
(Takes a bow)
Spikeback: Breathe deep, seek peace.
My Mew, Hoshineko, the muse of Humor fics,
Hoshi: {Hi there.}
My Lepus, Molly, the muse of Supernatural fics,
(Waves her fingers.)
Molly: Ja Ne!
The Andilite Nekra Kalirego Tahkemel, the muse of Sci-Fi fics,
(Makes a peace sign)
Nekra: {Greetings, Earthlings!}
And my Digimon: Cheetahmon, the muse of Action/Adventure fics, and Foxmon, the muse of Parody fics.
(Cheetahmon smiles and waves enthusasticly)
Cheetahmon: Hi!!!!!
(Foxmon rises up on two legs)
Here's some stuff about me:
Fav. Animes: Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, Ronin Warriors, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Slayers.
I also like: Card Captors, Mon Colle Knights, Outlaw Star, Blue Sub #6, Flint the Time Detective,Escaflowne, Medabots, Fighting Foodons, Kirby, Zoids, Shinzo, the Gundam series, Sailor Moon, and the Tenchi series.
Likes: Reading, drawing, dancing, scooter rides,singing, swimming, listening to music,singing, oogling cute boys, and Three Stooges movies.
Hates: Racisim, Hitler, Nazis, Taliban, sexists, Anti-Semitists, Satanists, gangters/Mobsters, being rushed, not being able to do what I want, being cold, rapists, drugs, alchahol, cigarettes, math class, Gym class, people who kill for bad reasons, character bashing (but only if the character being bashed is a character I like), being yelled at, Cruelty to animals, people who say bad things about bands/singers I like, (Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, Britney Spears, Gorillaz, Daft Punk, Will Smith, Dve Matthews Band), communisim, slavery, murderers, parents who mistreat their kids, people who tease others, and waiting.
My Favorite TV Shows: Ed,Edd, and Eddy, Unsolved Mysteries, Dexter's lab, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Powerpuff Girls, Tiny Toon Adventures, Angry Beavers, Animaniacs, and Mystery Science Theater 3000.
My Favorite Movies: Men in Black 1 and 2, Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Ring, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (despite it's crappy ending), Jimmy Neutron,Rugrats in Paris, Destroy All Monsters (a Godzilla movie), Pokemon the First movie,Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, Time Kid, Dinosaur Island, Jugman, Globe Hunters,(all cartoon movies)and The Mummy Returns.
Now, here are some things you need to know before you read my stories:
1: My stories only range from G to PG-13, and curse words won't be used a lot.
2:There will be no anti- fics, so if you hate a certain topic,(Like Pokemon for example), YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO LOOK FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT SOMEWHERE ELSE, YOU INSENSTIVE JERKS!!!( Sorry, I lost my temper there for a minute.)
3. my fics will have no mention of alcahol, cigarettes, or drugs( With a few exceptions.)
4. A lot of my fics will be about animes, Neopets, video games, and also, maybe a few about 9/11 (I also can't wait untill they find that dirty, rotten, no-good low down bum Osma Bin Laden. I HOPE HE ROTS IN HELL!!!! Whoops, got a little carried away again!)
Well, that's all for now, untill next time, Syonora everybody!
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