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Hi! My name is Lindi, short for Tanthor-Lind, which in REAL elvish means "Willow Song" (this is not my real name, people, only author alias, if you were curious). I am 15 (16 in March). My friend Reala and I are working on a joint Lord of the Rings fic with our characters, which let me tell you now: WE ARE NOT MARY-SUES! We despise them. I'm not sure if we will be working on any other LotR fics together in the future, but check out our current one and send us feedback, we want to hear what fellow fans think. You can IM me, my screen name is I am Kadama. Reala has a separate one. I'm almost 16 years old and live in the USA, if you want to know, so we probably won't be using those funky words you Brits like to use, lol. My new obsessions: Harry Potter (especially Oliver Wood) and Craig Parker (Haldir). Kiwi hottie! Anyway, I think I'll let Reala talk now. Ciao! ^.~

Hi! Reala here, I am 16 and I'm…American too. My IM is BekukiChan, so if you wanna yell at me and disembowl me, then you know how to contact me. Eh…yes, we're trying very hard not to be Mary-Sues because that's just stupid. That's…about it. Go read our fic and tell us what you think, we appreciate constructive criticism. School's been really tough, but Lindi and I have been writing, so we're getting

One more thing: We have both read Lord of the Rings all the way through at least twice, so if we happen to give something away, we're sorry! But whoever reads our fic should read the books, they're so good (and they'd probably understand our fic a little better)!

Just a random note: The 5th Harry Potter book is scheduled to come out June 21, 2003. Get ready, people!

Another Note: Lindi finished "The Silmarillion"! Take THAT, Mary-Sues! Ha! ^.~