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You can also contact me at: reiakane_enju@ or reiakane2@

I'm just a fellow anime lover who is absolutely, is truly, is madly in love with Seishirou and Subaru. ^_^

My hobbies are learning new languages, teaching, music, singing, reading, writing, drawing, analyzing stuff, and collecting Tokyo Babylon stuff (X, if it has Sei-chan and/or Subaru). So, if you have anything TB to sell, let me know, I'll probably buy it if I don't have it. ^_^v
If you want to join my Tokyo Babylon merchandise group, please do so!

My other obsessions are seiyuu. ESPECIALLY Kappei Yamaguchi! (Inuyasha, Ranma, Ryuichi Sakuma, Tokyo Babylon OAV's Subaru!)

I only write because I love to and so thank you if you do read anything that I have to offer. I really do appreciate it. ^_^v
Even though I can't say thank you individually to reading...I'll say it here: THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!

Oh, and if you want more fanfiction from me, please join my mailing list by e-mailing to: IroIrona_fanfiction-subscribe@ ! ^_^
here's the link: http:///group/Iroirona_fanfiction/?yguid=80649087

By the way, I never mentioned that I'm a gamer, huh? ^_^V Final Fantasy lover since number 1.

If you aim me, please tell me you're from . ^_^

quote as of the moment:
Kindness is all that really matters in the world.
So why am I fighting a war against myself? - me

Update as of:
12/18/02 - 1/4 of my fanfics and other important documents were lost. I'm going on a hiatus. Dunno when I'll be back, but I'm very heartbroken right now.
12/27/02 - didn't let things get to me, so here's what I did for Dec. so far! ^_^ Finished Deep Inside of You; finished Aching Desire; Zetsuai one-shot called 'visibly and invisibly'; a semi-crossover with Clamp plus Christmas equals chaos (part 1 and 2) which brings a range of different books, also the 100th fic I've ever made-yea!); Clover fic updated to part 2; Forever Yours for Chobits up to part 3; and Anata wa Dare, my first Witch Hunter Robin fic.
1/5/03 - made the first gohou drug fic ever/Nemuitteru kimi part 1; made my first kizuna fic - quiet thoughts; new gravi fic 'zenzen' for touma and sakano; updated suki dakara suki; updated clamp plus christmas

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