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Okay...lets just get down to my writing. I write all kinds of things. Yaoi...Het...and I'm gonna try Yuri eventually. ^_^; Okay now what about the couples I like...well in Digimon...I'm a huge fan of Taken and Takedai. I've also have a soft spot for Taisuke and Yamakeru. [I got this cool DJ awhile back..]I'm also fond of Taito, Mishiro and Miyakari. I like other animes too...Gundam Wing is nifties..[I have to like 5x2 and 5x1 in that area] I'm a closet Fushigi Yugi fan. Tasuki rocks. And I like a bunch of other things. I have a bunch of fics that are in the works of being updated. so I get inspiration. Oh, and if you ever have any good ideas for my fics or just something in general you want to talk. or if you want to R(ole)P(lay) drop me a line ^_^