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+ i'm a sixteen year old who has not much free time, and when i'm not partying my ass off, i'm writing +
-- or doing my damn homework, and if you know me at all, which some of yall actually do, then you know that i've got an unGodly amount of tarea --

.some little known facts about the one and only me.
--i already have the names of my kids picked out
--i love holden caulfield
--i used to be short, now i am tall
--i am a reading fiend, but i still love to partayy
--i want to be a doctor, lawyer, writer, architect, squash
--mommy and president of the us of a
-i love boys too much
i like to write letters
-right now i am going with the 'connecticut' style, even
--though i don't live there
--i can live in the woods
--my body has 10 lbs of body fat
--i never, ever break rules
--i faux model with my friends
--i am trilingual, not including html and calc

[ i've seemed to transition from total Friends freak, to educated gilmore girls aficionado ]
let's just say that i didn't expect this at all

.-. so now i concentrate on rory and jess, sweetly known as literati, while i work to cure my chandler + monica writer's block .-.

but i seem to be digging myself deeper into the hole of despair, as +

- i have just taken on 2 new projects -

[ a website ]

wholly dedicated to literati fanfiction and fanart : /al4/alely7 :

[ and my novel ]

.. i don't care if you laugh, i find it perfectly entertaining, and i will continue to write through medical school ..

you can contact me at alely7@ +

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