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Update 12/13/02: Again, nothing's abandoned. It's just. . .there's only so much I can do at once. In the meantime, I'm putting up some tidbits I've been holding in reserve for rainy days. ;) Hope you'll enjoy these. . .I'll be continuing to update fics, but look for some new items in the bunch. Some of these have been previewed on FrodoHealers, and some haven't; some were previewed so many months ago that our newest members may not yet have seen them. Please read, review, and enjoy! :)


Update 11/3/02: No, I've not abandoned any of my fics: I'm working on part II of II for "Summer Twilight" and on reposting the Weathertop to Rivendell and Lothlorien fics that many have requested, as well as continuation of "Counterpane." I'll also be adding some of the new items I've been working on. . .please forgive the delays. I'm sorry to be taking so long: RL has been difficult. But updates are indeed on their way!

Febobe :)

Update 8/26/02: First two installments of "Sand-Pictures," my PGY-inspired ongoing series, posted. More to come in future, as well as two new stories in progress. And yes, I'm still updating "Counterpane". . .just slow in doing so!

Febobe :)

Update 8/15/02: Coming 8/15-8/16 - three stories inspired by Mary Borsellino's incomparable PGY series (http:///prettygoodyear.html). I'm also working on a fic that I'll likely complete much of before posting any. . .it's pretty graphic medically, so I'm debating whether to even post it, but it's in progress as well. Update on "Counterpane" to follow.

Febobe :)

Update 8/6/02: At long last, an update! Chapter 15 of "Caradhras" is up, and will soon be followed by the already-completed (and already seen on FrodoHealers) Chapter 16, the close of that tale. I'm about to update "Counterpane" shortly as well. . .am still debating whether to post "Old Wives' Tales" here. Lots in progress. :) I'll be updating via my site as well (see above), and of course there's always the FrodoHealers site to visit at http://. :) Still no luck in getting the section moved on Yahoo or the warning and acceptance click taken out for us. . .but as we're posting more stories to the site and as I'll be plugging mine up on my own, you'll generally catch most of the fics there, albeit on delay. Hopefully one of these days I'll get Yahoo-help to answer me there. . . .

Still catching up on reviews slowly. . .please forgive my tardiness with things. Between the site outage here and some travelling, I'm a bit behind, as usual. . . .

Anyhow, I've missed you folks. Happy reading! :)

FBoBE :)

Update 6/4/02: Yesterday I resigned from my workplace. My job has been an extremely stressful one, making demands that have taken a heavy toll on my self, and this step feels like finally reaching the surface toward which I have been swimming for so long. My last day will "officially" be June 30, though my last day at the office is Friday, June 28. What changes does this mean for readers of my fanfic? Well, I hope to, once I've rested up a little, post updates and tales more often. . .and to finally get caught up on all my severely overdue correspondence! I'll be updating my fics long before (shooting for a chapter each ASAP), but this will also increase my frequency of updates. . .considerably, I believe. :)

It has been a long, difficult road to reach this point, and I know it definitely isn't all smooth sailing ahead. . .but somehow I am at peace. In fact, I'm very happy. :) Thank you all so much for your patience.

Update 5/22/02: I've posted new chapters of "Caradhras" and "Counterpane" in the last twenty-four hours, and I do hope to continue updating on a more regular schedule. In addition, I have several fics in the works, including a standalone single-chapter piece set in Rivendell and several chaptered pieces. Most likely I'll go ahead and put a new item up shortly (ie, before the end of Memorial Day weekend), but I'd like to finish "Caradhras" before I get too deeply into another chaptered fic. Three running at once IS possible, but it's also difficult and slows my updates! ;) Thanks for all your patience. :)

For those who've kindly e-mailed me, please know that I'm replying as quickly as possible and should be back in touch with you shortly. :)

Some answers to questions that have been expressed: no, I still have no clue what the problem is with my account; however, since I've saved electronic and hard copies of all my fiction, none of it's irreplaceable, at least. :) Yes, I do plan to continue my Weathertop-Rivendell sequence fics, as well as the promised later vignettes from Mordor and other parts of the journey, including Frodo in Cirith Ungol. I do hope you'll still enjoy my latest piece, which will be my first chaptered fiction: it's a look at Frodo and Bilbo just after Frodo comes to live at Bag End at age twenty-one. It's an attempt at answering some of my own questions as a reader and at writing a special piece for one of my dearest reviewers. (And yes, I am definitely still open to requests; a lot of my current work in progress is inspired by reader/reviewer requests, and I'm enjoying the writing immensely. :) ) If you like Frodo angst, sweet fics, prequel vignettes, and/or Frodo and Bilbo scenes, I think you'll enjoy this one. :)

Thank you all for your patience and support. . .it has really been what inspired me to keep at this, and I hope for many more reviews and readers. Best wishes to you all. :)

-Frodo Baggins of Bag End

Information: About that Yahoo! group. . .it's called FrodoHealers, and has an information page at


For those interested in "sick Frodo" fics, this group is tailored to your particular penchant. :) I've set it up as a moderated group to ensure a no-slash (or any heavy sexual content, for that matter), no-profanity environment, but anyone may join, and members are not required to post unless they so wish, though postings are highly encouraged. :) Please take the time to join and participate in the current poll. If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]; however, I recommend joining and reading the welcome file first for group-related questions, as the information there should answer many questions. :) Thank you all for inspiring me to create the group; I hope you'll enjoy it. We have, IMO, an outstanding group of members: some of the nicest and most talented people around, ones whom I feel quite honoured to know. :)