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Well, I don't like what FanFiction.Net has done about NC-17 material, but I can respect a certain degree.

The following stories have been moved to my homepage because of their content:

DRT4K (MST series)

Exposure (lemon)

Issai na Konjou no Ibu (lemon)

Apologies to those of you who are waiting patiently for new parts of my other stories. I have to finish MoP before I go back to them. I've just finished Part Twenty, and this fic is going to be very good for my ego as a writer. Get me back to the place where I can write new parts at least once a week instead of taking months. Here are some
individual story updates for those curious:

Air That You Breathe - I've fixed what bothered me about the first chapter and killed all my inspiration for the fic. Once MoP is out of the way, ATYB's second chapter is the first thing you can look forward to seeing. The revision won't be posted here until chapter two is also ready for posting, since that seems like it would be really cruel of me to do it earlier, but you can find it on Sweet Candy if you're curious.

Gathering the Ravens - Another chapter of this one should show up right after ATYB. My roadblock on this fic had to do with having written more of the END than the BEGINNING, but I'm finally starting to figure out what happens first. I have Yamato's first chapter plotted out in my head, and I'm creating some demons of my own. (Whispers, Ravagers, and Scrapers are the names of them so far.)

Picture Puzzle Piece - I'm going to rerelease PPP. The first part will be called 'Jigsaw', and will be a one-shot complete in and of itself. That'll give me more freedom to move around in the timeline, because this was really supposed to be the fourth part of Exposure when I wrote it, and I don't think it's where I want to actually start the fic. (i.e., expect a prologue with Mimi, and the whole thing to be given a title more like 'Development'.)

Smoke and Mirrors - Another chapter of this plotted after GtR, but...this one had a bit of a delay built-in, I'm afraid. See, my current plot for the story is heavily dependent upon Rowling's as-of-yet unpublished Fifth Book. So although I'll write a few more chapters of this before I ground to a waiting halt, the actual meat of the story -- my imagined Sixth Year -- will have to wait until then. Sorry~!

Back and forth and back and forth until they're all done!