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Here I am again! All I can say for myself at the moment is that I am cold. I've been cold lately. I also have wierd outbursts so I'll apologize now for any future outbursts that I may have in this bio such as this one:
"Louie, Louie! Still whining, Louie! Did you have enough of this? I've had to listen to that for CENTURIES!" ~Lestat from Interview with the Vampire
I know that Anne Rice doesn't want fanfiction on here, but surely I'm allowed that little quote? My friend and I have been reading her Vampire Chronicals. Excellent pieces of literature. I just need something to hold me over until OoP comes out. -looks pointedly at J.K. Rowling-
Anywho, on to my stories! I HAVE UPDATED CHANGES!!!! -bows to applause- Yes, thank you, thank you! -blows kisses- Not only is chapter four posted but chapter five is well under way! Well...sort of. I'm going good now, but this is a difficult chapter because I'm at the crutial stage in the story where I need to start braiding the loose ends of the plot together and I suck at braiding. Actually I'm quite good at braiding...BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!! THE POINT IS...that I'm having one of those outbursts again aren't I?
I just posted the second chapter of The Malfoy and the Mudblood, or TMTM, as I prefer to call it. Unlike Changes, this plot is already braided thanks to my muse, and all I have to do is put it down into words. I really like this plot.
Chapter Two of Without Harry is almost done, though I haven't written in it in a couple of weeks due to lack of interest. This one is a fluff fic, therefore it has no plot.
I haven't even started Chapter Two of Black Magik yet. That's for when I'm angsty.
He Promised is finished so I'm not going to bother with that. Crash and Burn, um, I have started Chapter Two but whatever plot (besides a few of the main details) I had--I forgot. Sorry. I'll get around to it later.
Anakin sucks and will probably be coming down eventually. Patience Young Padawan will probably be coming down too.
I've got new fics including a Lily and James one and one that is about everyone's favorite Slytherin Prince. Be on the look out for those.