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Good evening ladies & gentlemen, Mistress Flame has now arrived. *everyone throws rose petals @ feet* Well, to start with, I'm a slash ADDICT. I can't get enough of it...it's like a drug...like heroin. I've been reading it for several years now and have only recently decided to try writing it. I only have one story right now, which I'm going to concentrate on for the time being, but eventually I have to have a whole slash cotillion behind me. All you need is some patience. And now to continue, I'm a Lord of the Rings slash worshipper. Almost any pairing will do, although I like Legolas/Aragorn stories the best. Two hot boys are good...two hot boys together are even better. I've seen LOTR 5 times already, and hopefully will be going again soon. Yes, I'm obsessed. No, I don't care. So anyways, I hope you all enjoy the stories I put up!