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Joined 03-28-02, id: 190846
Name: Cari
Age: 18
From: Wisconsin
Hey kiddies, hehe. Lets see what about me... I actually wrote my first GC fanfic "The Best Deceptions" as a hobbie I was bored when I started it and almost didn't even put it on the site didn't think I had any kind of talent for writing. Then when people kept asking for more and the story turned into a 3 part story I was completely shocked. So thanks to everyone who has read the story I've actually talked to alot of people from the site and there all the coolest. It's an honor that people actually take time out of there life to read something I wrote. So thanks you all make day :)! The reason I pick GC to write about... why not! No there are my favorite band I relate to them more so then any other band. They keep me going at times there my life line I admire each of them for who they are and for what they stand for. Check out my site on the guys above! "Another Loser Anthem" and remember People who sign quest books kick some major ass.

Some of my other favorite bands:
*Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Something Corporate, Rancid, Riddlin' Kids, Mest, Box Car Racer, Simple Plan, Unwritten Law, Sum41, Dashboard Confessional, Finch, Jimmy Eat World, The Starting Line, Saves The day, Weezer, Fenix Tx, Moive Life, Gob, Greenday, RX Bandits, Blink, Midtown, Home Grown, Lefty, Serial Joe, Five and Dime, Lucky Number Seven, Rufio, Minor Threat, Social Distortion, Sugarcult etc...

My Hobbies: Writing, singing, PLaying guitar, painting, drawing, concerts, internet, hanging out with friends and family etc.

Retard Facts about me no one would really care about:
*I'm a lefty (woohoo)!
*I have 9 piercings.
*I have a boyfriend as of last night (7/18/02) which is the best and no one would believe me who it is.
*I have over 300 cds.
*I taught myself to play guitar.
*I'm going to Warped Tour on July 28th (WOOHOO 9 DAYS TO GO)!
*I was home schooled from 10th tell graduation.
*Benji signed my guest book on my sit about him... /benji_kicks_ass
*Caitlin is my best friend!

Lets see what else oh how about some of my favorite authors:
KidVicious311GC, echoelf, swingintaylor, Cyrus Bolooki, supaybunnay, Angelica, Annie aka pRettY in puNK, Barker, PerfectionThruSilence, This Girl Loves Punk Rock, Nikki, LoserJenn, TangledHeart... and I know I'm forgetting so many so please don't feel bad if your name isn't on here but I will add you as soon I remember (I'm blonde damn it bare with

Thanks again to everyone who reads my stories it means so much and email me or IM me I love hearing from new people so THANK YOU AGAIN SOOOO MUCH I love you all!*