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I'm a wacky Eighteen year old with a serious Harry Potter obsession! I'm old enough to know better, and young enough not to care.
I love to make new friends from new places. Feel free to e-mail with the address released, and hey, if you feel like it review any of my stories. I love reviews, (as do most authors ^_^)

I agree with Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, anything else I accept, it just has a tendency to make me cringe! ^_^*

I hate bashing, and I rarely kill off my characters, (well J.K.'s really), I've only ever done that once, and hey, I left loopholes! BIG loopholes, elephants could get through them! ^_^

I always leave loose threads in stories, so I can write sequels/trequels/epics if i want! And I always answer e-mails, not necessarily with speed, but I answer them eventually!

As well as Harry Potter I am Digimon obsessed. I used to have a load of fics, including the minorly famous Gemini Warriors epic. Unfortunatley topcities deleted these without warning, so they are lost to cyberspace, unless anyone has a copy that they can send back to me!

(In case you han't noticed, I also never shut up ^_^)

Note: if chapters are very slow in being updated, blame my boyfriend of one year, who absorbs much of my free time, something i am not complaining about!


~~p.s. For all of you guys who wanted a message board on which to comunicate with me and each other, it's here: http:///group/ink_stain/ ~~*