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Boredom leads me to this. Yes, I'm doing my bio! (You lucky people...) I probably won't update often, so I'll put just about everything here ^^"

I'm a 17 years old French-Canadian. My mother tongue is French, obviously, and I'm trying to keep my English 'alive' by using the net and writing stories. (So if you have any comment about my English, don't fear to correct me ^^)

I live in Montreal, Quebec and my social and politic opinions are strong. Tag me, I'm lesbian and pretty glad to live here for we have a chart that protects our rights as individuals. (We even have a ghetto! Weeee...rofl)

I very much dislike:

-stubborn close minded people. How many homophobes just won't listen and keep on hurting people for nothing?

-I HATE gouvernment. Nothing works in politics as soon as you add the human factor. Theory is nice but it ends there. Give me a couple of beers and I'll tell you all about it, lol

-Fakers. I cannot stand Pop-Punk. Nor any other kind of pop music, for I consider them a shame to whatever music is. Music is a way to express yourself, it's an art long time respected and it's beautiful. Music should not be used to gain money or fame.

-Bush. Sorry you pro-Bush people, but I just hate the guy's guts. I won't go into ranting about him, just his name makes my blood pulse quicken.

I like:

-Writing. Music or stories. I play the guitar and I love Punk. (Bad Religion, Propagandhi, Pennywise and all the sorts.) I also very much worship Sublime...

-Knowledge. As silly as it sounds, I'm hungry for knowledge. All the kinds. I love history, polotics (although it always makes me frigging mad), philosophy and the such. I sometimes think I think too much for my own good. 'Maybes' and 'what if's are ruling my world. I'm a thinker and I always analyse things before rushing into action, unless it's a rare exception. My feelings often get the best of me and I can get stupid if someone I care about is concerned...

-I also like video games. Don't ask...I'm born with that, I guess ^^"

-Coooooffffffeeeeee!!! Do I need to say more? Beer and pot too, as they rule my party world. ^^ I'm so careless about my health, so much for a diabetic. lol. Sweet illusion of control...

I'm the happy happy kind of person, always optimistic about things. As you can aslo see, I ramble easily...I think I could say more about myself, but I shan't bore you any longer...

Thanks for your time, if you ever take some more to read my stories and reply, I'll read your stories too. ^^ I'm such a book worm...

laughs evilly and dissapear in a puff of smoke*

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Utter Crap.
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Natalie is missing pieces of her identity, but she can't ask anyone for help, without fear of ridicule, for being the way she may be. Warning, slash. Chapter 7 is up, but I've rewritten it many times. If it should be redone, or something, let me know:)
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