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(In Guardian of Tears' cave Brogan is laying dozing on the floor and Callopera is in her corner, muttering unceasingly to herself. Then from the tunnel that leads to her bedroom the widdle gothic faerie herself appears, dragging two large suitcases.)

GoT: That's it, I'm all packed, lets go!

Callopera: *starts singing the Batman theam*

Brogan: *opens his eyes and yawns * My fae friend, have you told your loving public where you're going?

GoT: I knew I'd forgotten something, even thought I'd checked that I'd packed my toothbrush twice!

Brogan: *rolls his eyes in exasperation*

GoT: Hi, I'm Guardian of Tears the widdle gothic faerie. I like to write poems about everything and anything and short stories about aliens, dragons, werewolves, elves, anything weird and fantastical really. I live in a cave in a land far, far away with Brogan *points to the silver dragon that takes up most of the cave space* the useful muse and Callopera *points at the singing Grecian woman* the useless muse.

Anyway, between the dates of the 25th of July and the 10th of August there will be no updates since I'm going on holiday, but don't worry, it won't stop my writing as I'm fully stocked up on pens, pencils, ink cartridges, rubbers, rulers, and sharpeners.

Brogan: And what about notebooks and paper?

GoT: Damn! I really have forgotten something! Be right back! *runs through the interdimentional gate in the broom cupboard to buy notebooks and paper*

Brogan: Sometimes I do despair of that girl. *turns of the readers* You may want to check out her Ujournal at http:///users/guardianoftears since it will probably have more up to date descriptions of what she's doing. That won't be true on holiday, however, no computer access.

Callopera: *starts singing loudly* So here it is, MERRY CHRISTMAS-

Brogan: Oh, shut up!

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