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Hi! My name is LoNeLy*PaN or Mirai Pan ^^ well can't ya tell? I'm a girl 16yr old who is truly, madly and deeply in love with Trunks Vegeta Briefs. *snickers* I have only a one fic posted and, it sucks I don't even know why did I bother writing it.

Favorite Anime: DB/Z/GT.
Favorite Couple: T/P (Trunks/Pan, Mirai Trunks/Mirai Pan, Mirai Trunks/Pan, Mirai Pan/Trunks) Yeah I read Only T/P, so what?
Favorite Character: Hmm...well really you should know, okay it's Trunks and when I say Trunks I mean TRUNKS in DBZ/GT, okay so..back off or else o.o;;;

My friends!!:
-Zero Network
*scratches her head* I'm sorry guys! I really forgot your pennames! I know I didn't put ya all but I still love ya all!! ^^ sorry again!
Well..If you want to know more about me, IM me! ^^ I like chatting with people I don't really bite ..well not that often anyway, ttyl!