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For my instant messaging thing, I am on the net at around 4:15 PM (or 10:00 AM for weekends) - 9:30 PM (pacific time). Of course, that's usually. I'll update stuff here, k? ;) Thanx!

:The New Rebeliations Act:
Whoops! ^^; It seems that the author 'Royal Swordsman' had left the Golden Sun community right when I began this rebelliation, figures.

Hi, I am Rinoa Toki Moro Lockheart! This is my bio! I have an imaginary friend named Joe! He says hi. He also says that I am updating this bio on 8/8/02!

My favorite things to write are angsty stories that leave you feeling like nothing... I've written one, but it's really pitiful... I like reading good humor and romance stories or a mix between the two...but I'll like anything else that is very well written! I am quite sure no one wants a really looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of Ca's favorite things so I won't read it off...^_^; I do not like stories that are terribly OOC, have bad grammar/spelling, and stories that have pointlessly dirty scenes. And you do not want a list of things I do not like so I'll stray away from that... Not much of a bio is this? ^o^ *LOL* Oh well, I feel like typing now so I'll give a good bio this time...

Name: Rinoa Toki Moro Lockheart, Ca, Anime Artist, Mirage Maker, Blueberry, Carrot, and other names I do not remember right now...
DOB: June 13,1672 (bwahaha, I am ancient history! No really, I won't tell you my b-day but I'm sure you don't want to know anywayz.)
Age: Guess what? I'm 13 now! *does a happy dance*
Favorite games: FF6/7/8, Golden Sun, Septerra Core (all of which are RPG's)
Favorite animes: Heh, this is gonna be a long list...Trigun, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, Card Captor Sakura, Gundam Wing, Princess Mononoke, Evangelion, DBZ, Cantidate for Goddess...well, maybe it's not that long after all...
Favorite bishonen: Vash, Knives, Wolfwood, Squall, Cloud, Locke, Cid (Highwind), Isaac, Spike...and a bunch o' other dudes I can't remember right now...
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, playing piano music, net surfin', reading good fanfiction, and hunting for bishonen! ^^
Current obsession: Wolfiewoooooooooooooooooood! ...MUST...GET...WOLFIE ACTION FIGURE! ARRRRRRRRRGH! Ahem. Sorry 'bout that.

Myah, meow!
That's Sammy, my helpful assistant and-
Mrow, mew!
Err...^^; That's her new now, *husband, Neko. Anyways, she insisted on a bio on her so here it is:
Name: Samantha Leila Lockheart
Age: 21 in kitty 'x' years old in people years...^^;
Fur color: White with brown patches
Eye color: Really dark brown
Likes: Neko (heh...^^), hunting mousies and birdies, exploring, helping Ca with her stories, yarn, warm milk, and her favoritest kitty-sitter in the world, Saturos! =^_^=
Dislikes: Dogs, kitties that flirt with *her* Neko, annoying infants that yank her tail, and most of all, getting drenched!
All congradulate(sp?) Sammy and Neko on their first litter of kittens! ^_^ She got nine, two of which reside in Azusasan's story of Golden Sun insanity! A must see for anyone who has played the game and has a good sense of er...insanity...

The FF.N I reside in:
Ye Golden Sun Neighborhoode
Anyone play the wonderful game for GBA???? It's great! A must play RPG. There isn't a really mostrously large selection, but with the few authors that reside there, it's got a really good selection. Because there isn't a real large multitude of authors there, everyone's fairly familiar with each other and it feels so...homey. And Azu's 'Insanity and Sugar-highness...' story is just like a local coffee shop that everyone goes to. I like it there! :)

That thar Trigun Hangout!

The atmoshere isn't quite as cozy and tightly knit as the GS one, due to a much larger size, having a little more than 4 times the ammount of stories. But, the selection is very wide, and there are some really good humor and romance ones out there. (As well as the adventure stories I never bother to check out...^^;)

And that's my report on my two favorite dwellings here on FF.N! I dun know why I typed this all out, but...I just did. ^^;; If you're reading thru this, domo arigotou, you're da best! :D

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