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BLESSED BE! My name, my public magickal name, is Dwaraea. I’m a witch. W-I-T-C-H. Sorry if it bugs you, because I really don’t care. I respect everyone else, if they leave me alone.

Who am I? First off, the one thing you know about me already: I’m a witch. (Yeah, I’m repetitious. I know. There are lots of supposedly negative adjectives that fit me, but I try to avoid using them.) I’m not the typical witch (is there such a thing?), I am a broom closet witch with a highly personalized faith. For the uninitiated, the broom closet is like the closet for homosexuals, ‘cept what the broom closet hides is our faith. My mother is a strict Christian, and though she knows I don’t pray to Jesus, she doesn’t realize that I always wear a pentacle, hidden under my shirt. It’s one of my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry, from my best friend Elad. Personalized? It means don’t expect to see me following anybody’s faith to the letter, except for mine! I come up with ideas, I follow my inspirations, I ignore the rest. Why wouldn’t I?

I’m an Aquarius sun and ascendant, Gemini moon, Pisces Venus. I don’t know the rest off the top of my head, but a lot of Sagittarius is mixed around in there. I’m into western astrology, can't you tell? I like working magick, but I’m very minimalist about it. Mostly gem magick, little charms, and a lot of prayer/meditation. I believe in faeries, pixies, sprites, dragons. Though I'm not a Satanist, I have a few friends who are. I respect their faith, but I do not practice it. If you call me a Satanist, my friends and I are more than willing to prove you wrong. :P

Political issues? Might as well discuss it, eh? lol. I'm pro-choice (Don't want an abortion, don't get one!), pro 1st amendment rights (freedom of religion means ALL religions!), not sure about the death penalty. (Seriously, I think castration might be a better option for rapists.) I'm in favor of communism, but ONLY when the human species is ready to handle it.

The Pledge of Alliegance thing? The phrase "under God" is unconstitutional. The judge who ruled that way was just doing his job, and Bush should be impeached for questioning the authority and the judgement of the judicial branch of the federal government. The President does not have the power of judicial review, it belongs to the judicial branch (hence the name). Therefore, his verbal attack on the 9th circuit judge was WAY out of line. There's my 26cents!

Social Classifications? I have friends among every group, and I try not to live and die by who people are. A person’s friends, clothes, and music tend to give away a lot about people. It’s sad but true. Personally, I’m in the "miscallaneous freaks" category, but I tend mildly towards a gothic wardrobe. (I wore a large silver-colored bell, a purple bandana, radioactive-green pants, and an Invader Zim shirt to school the day I wrote this, but usually I just wear black shirts with funny sayings on them. One by one the penguins steal my sanity!)

Music? My favorite band is Nickel Creek (country/bluegrass string trio). I have a serious interest in playing Celtic/Irish/bluegrass music (I started playing the mandolin about five months ago for that reason), but I mostly listen to country. I can give at least half the lyrics, or at least the chorus, to almost any country song that received airplay on WXTU (a Phillie-based station). Not that I only listen to country. I like Metallica, MXPX, The Beatles, old Green Day, Train, a lot of little punk bands like Empty-Handed NJ, some classical.

Art? My favorite artists are Rebecca Guay, James Christianson, Hiermonius Bosch, M.C. Escher, van Gogh, and deTerlizzi.

Authors? Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451) is amazing! I love Edgar Allen Poe like you wouldn’t believe (mostly for his lesser-known works). Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote some amazing science fiction, but no one reads it because he only became famous for The Scarlet Letter. I also read Harry Potter like crazy, so J.K. Rowling is up there. I’m a big fan of the Dragonlance novels, but I’m also reading Paul Kidd’s books. (Go find a copy of his White Plume Mountain, it’s a Dungeons & Dragons story that would appeal to almost anyone.) I love fanfic, check out my favorite stories and authors.

School? I’m a straight-A honors student, a high school junior in September. In actuality, I’ve gotten one B a year so far (Geometry, and now I got one in Chem, I hate math and science), with the rest being A’s. My favorite classes (in order): Art, English, Music, History, Latin, then the really bad stuff. If I had to pick more selectively than that, just Art and English. I love to draw, I love to paint, I love to write. (I’m on FF, duh!) College? I don’t know. I’m torn between several artsy-fartsy colleges (as my mother calls them) all on east coast US (I’m a Jersey girl). Who knows?

My Shout Outs:
-Of course, the Goddess and the God and the beautiful world they created! How could I not thank you?
-My whole coven: especially Elad and Ali. You guys are why I keep on living! :)
-My absolutely wonderful boyfriend and all our buddies. Someone has to brighten my days! lol :)
-Every person who has ever written a pagan book. Thank you!
-Every person with faith, ANY FAITH. Magick Happens!

My only request: HAVE AN OPEN MIND. If you do not approve of my religion, do not flame me on that basis alone. Read my writings, hear my story. If you have a problem with my religion, just hit the back button and go somewhere else.

Calling all Christians was deleted by . Apparently it doesn't count as a story, which bothered them greatly. As a prevention measure, I deleted Clearing Up Your Misconceptions myself; I do not want to be booted from fanfic. More pro-Pagan stories and poems will appear, but they will not be essays as such. Fictional works (based in truth, of course) will fill the gap. BLESSED BE! :)

Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet Again! :)

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