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I'm a 19-year old student/part-time worker who loves to draw and loves to write. One day I hope to become an actual Manga-ka, but I'd have to overcome my awful laziness first. ^^;

My webpage is a DBZ webpage (since that was one of my first favorite series), but I hope to build a generic anime site soon so that I can put all the fanfics, fanart, and fanmanga that I have on other series up on the net. Until then... Uh, you can see what I've done with DBZ. (Be afraid.)

My current fanfic aspiration is to become a reknowned Kenshin humor-fic writer. ...Uh, I'm a work in progress so be patient guys. ^^;

Just kick back, inject the pixie stix sugar directly into your veins, and enjoy the fics. Ciao.

2/10/03 - I'm ever-so-slowly getting over my Writer's Block. I'm hoping to get the next chapter of "A Rurouni's Guide to Idiocy" out by the end of this week or the middle of next. I'm giving myself wide berth becasue the going is still slow. ...But at least it's going now. ^^;