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Hi! My name is the Future Queen and I'm a fan of Anime. My favourite is Digimon, Sailor Moon, CardCaptors, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon. My favourite non-anime is Harry Potter and Charmed.
Favourite characters are Yami Yugi, Henry Wong, Sakura, Serena, and Harry. I support Rukato, Taiora, Kenkari, S+S, E+T, Mimato, and Joey/Mai. I also support some crossover couples like Serena/Usagi+Harry Potter. I DO NOT support Yaoi/Yuri or however you spell it, I just hate it for some reason. My favourite favourite couple is Rukato, they look so cute together!

Henry: Where were you?

The Future Queen: I was somewhere and sorry for not updating, but in high school you get a lot of homework.

Henry: Oh.

The Future Queen: Now that I'm back, the fics will be continued...

Terriermon: About time!

The Future Queen: Don't mess with me or else!

Mewmon: There's two choices, either face me or face Susie!

Terriermon: I'll be quiet.

The Future Queen: Good. I know I've alot of fics on hold, and I shouldn't start another one, but I just couldn't help it. And I hope you all have enjoyed my fics! ^_^

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